The collective bargaining talks between Deutsche Bahn and the railway and transport Union (EVG) have been cancelled on Saturday.

The EDC announced warning Strikes. Means for train-travelers: you need to set in the run up to Christmas, delays and cancellations! Which is expected to begin on Monday.

the ECG and the GDL had demanded 7.5 percent more money. The Railways have not submitted a quantified offer, expressed the trade Union spokesman in the Details. But it was not enough. “Strikes will now inevitably be the result,” said the trade Union EVG. He named no date.

“We are calling now from Monday to Strikes,” said EDC Vice President Klaus-Dieter Hommel later, however, in the WORLD. “The extent of stretching depends on the behavior of the employer side.”

While Strikes usually last only a few hours. But when you can lead to significant disturbance on subsequent days, as they bring the timetable.