Royal tomboy: “Kamikaze” child Prince Louis has struck again – Mama Kate has to take action


    Prince Louis presented his best side as the Queen’s 70th Jubilee celebrations wrapped up on Sunday. His mother Duchess Kate struggled to keep the little man in check.

    So, which parent do you think he got this behavior from? That is often one of the first questions when a child misbehaves. Most likely from his uncle Prince Harry, who, like Prince Louis as a child, loved to stick his tongue out at the paparazzi.

    On Sunday the grand closing parade of the “Platinum Jubilee” celebrations took place and Prince Louis had prepared his own show for his great-grandmother the Queen and the spectators. The four-year-old sat stubbornly in the audience when he had to be reprimanded several times by his mother, Duchess Kate.

    At first, Kate tried to ignore the little prince’s angry fidgeting and smiled every time she turned around. But at some point even the Duchess could no longer hide the fact that she had to take a deep breath. When the little prince first covered his mother’s mouth and then stuck out his tongue several times, she was just visibly annoyed.

    Prince Louis tantrum in video

    Eventually, Prince William’s wife managed to get Louis to stop the fidgeting and rioting and only followed the event with a pouty expression on his face and crossed his arms. When his mother spoke to him again, he shook his head with all his might. At some point, Mike Tindall, in the beige jacket behind the two, intervened between the seats and admonished Prince Louis. A gesture that was supposed to mean “My friend, I’m keeping an eye on you”.

    In an interview in February, Duchess Kate had already reported that Prince Louis was a “kamikaze child”. The smallest of the bunch also likes to cause trouble in Kensington Palace. “Louis is a kamikaze kid, we worry when he gets older. He gets involved in everything,” his mother said earlier this year.

    Sources: Page Six, Instagram