The two british princes William and Harry have always been each other closely, but now wonder the press in the conflicts simmering between ‘The Cambridge’ and ‘The Sussexes’.

the Rumors svirrer in the british media: William and Harry and the other prisoners? Can Kate and Meghan at all like each other?

And it is in fact a growing conflict between the two brothers and their wives, who are the real reason that prince Harry and the duchess Meghan has chosen to move to Kensington Place in London?

the Castle, where older brother William and his family, as you know, also live.

the Other day, it came to light the newlyweds hertugpar soon leave Kensington Palace and move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

ever since the news of flytteplanerne was published, speculation about the cause been given free rein in the british media.

Especially because there will soon be extra space at Kensington Palace, when the duke and duchess of Gloucester will soon move out.

Rumors are being helped by anonymous sources within the castle walls.

Last write tabloidavisen the Daily Mail on the basis of persons close to the court, that prince Harry was mad at his brother shortly after his engagement to Meghan.

Harry thought supposedly not that William did enough to bid his future welcome in the family.

“He did not feel that he (William, ed.) rolled the red carpet out for Meghan,” sounds from a source.

According to the source, it was prince Charles, who came and got William and Kate to invite Harry and Meghan at the christmas dinner.

There has also long been pending rumors that the two sisters-in-law does not come so well out of it with each other.

The two women are described as very different: the Meghan is the medievante Hollywood actress, which goes into people with clogs on, while Kate is more introverted and more reserved.

As the duchess Kate on Wednesday was on official assignment at the university of Leicester, she did what she could to mané the malicious rumors in the ground.

When she was asked about svigerindens pregnancy, she stressed that it is very special for the whole family, which is now soon to come a new prince or princess in the family.