When the Danish national team sensationally won the european championship finals in 1992, was the team leader, Kai Johansen, who got to things to hang together off the field.

Kai Johansen, 86 years, died Saturday morning.

I knew he was sick, and that he was in and out of the hospital. But much more I didn’t actually, say EM-hero John Sivebæk to the Extra Blade on top of the sad news.

– Unfortunately I managed not to say goodbye.

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Johansen and Piontek on the bench in 1985, which Denmark won 4-2 over the Soviet union in a WORLD cup qualifier. Photo: Polfoto / Mogens Berger

Both John Sivebæk, and Kai Johansen is from Vejle, and in addition to their common past in the national team, they have both been working for the municipality.

– We have had several get-together in the morning, and we have been to several events at Kai and Birgit (the wife, ed.). They are hospitable and friendly people on the whole.

– I don’t know what I should say. It is very boring, when something like this happens, ” says John Sivebæk.

Also Sivebæks former landsholdskollega from the european championship success in 1992, Henrik ’Store’ Larsen, speaking in positive terms about the now deceased Kai Johansen.

– team leaders are always well-liked. One sees them not so much, besides when they sit on the bench, but in the everyday, from the minute you get up in the morning until you go to bed, so are they there to help with all the practicalities, says ’Larsen to Ekstra Bladet.

– If you lacked one or the other, you could just report it to him. He was important, so it is a sad day, but there are none of us, that keeps forever.

According to Henrik ’Store’ Larsen, Kai Johansen for a number of years be bad walking.

– Finally, we observed the EM-the team’s anniversary, he was pleased and the angels, except that he was a little gangbesværet. We also got a couple of glasses of wine together, ” says Larsen.

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It was only on the bench, Johnson kept the fire in his. Photo: Annelise Fibæk / Ritzau Scanpix

Kai Johansen was perpetuated by the actress Henning Jensen in movie ’Summer of 92’.

In the Frits Ahlstrøms paid tribute to the memory of the team leader, he writes, among other things, that Johansen had this cheeky remark to Jensen after the premiere.

– I saw you smoking a pipe in the dressing room. I have never done.

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