Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t care about aging and finds it “sexist” that men are never asked about it.

“And Just Like That…” star Sarah Jessica Parker (57) doesn’t care about getting older. “I don’t think about it. That’s the absolute truth,” says the actress in an interview with “InStyle”. But: “I’m forced to think about it, for professional reasons and because other people want me to think about it or because they think about my age,” she substantiates.

Sarah Jessica Parker blames misogyny for fear of aging

The 57-year-old is conscious of her age and doesn’t live in a “wrong universe,” but she’s just not worried about it. The fact that many other women do this is understandable for the US star. “I think the concerns are legitimate because of the focus and attention on women and aging,” SJP said.

Parker sees the biggest problem in misogyny. “It baffles me that we don’t talk about men in the same way. It’s bizarre that we’re still so overtly sexist about these things.”