Amazon Prime Video is shooting its next German series: a film adaptation of Mona Kasten’s bestselling romance novel “Save Me”.

With her Maxton Hall trilogy, Mona Kasten (30) landed at the top of the bestseller lists. Amazon Prime Video is now filming the first part “Save Me” as a series.

“Save Me is a story of love, betrayal and glamour. Award-winning, loved by millions of readers – and coming soon to Prime Video,” explains Philip Pratt in a statement. “We are delighted to be working with UFA Fiction to transform Mona Kasten’s best-selling novel into a six-part romantic drama series,” said the head of German Originals at Amazon. In 2023, the series will be available on demand in over 24 countries.

“Save Me”: That’s what the series is about

The heroine of the Maxton Hall trilogy is Ruby Bell. She gets a scholarship to the (fictitious) Maxton Hall College, one of the most expensive private schools in England. Ruby wants nothing to do with money, glamor and power. She tries to make herself almost invisible. Still, she is attracted to rich, arrogant James Beaufort, the school’s secret leader. Then she gets her hands on explosive material about James’ family…

Mona Kasten was initially active as a YouTuber, who mainly spoke about books. With the “Begin Again” series, she became a successful writer herself from 2016.

In 2018 the Hamburg native released “Save Me”. The two sequels followed in the same year: “Save You” in May and “Save Us” in August. In June 2018, “Save Me” and “Save You” were number one and two on the Paperback bestseller list.