It was Wednesday the 21. november that the 25-year-old Maja Herner from Poland was reported lacking, and she never came back from what was to be a short trip. The Same day it was set in the time a vast leiteaksjon which lasted for several days. So far there is no trace of the lacking woman.

for several days attended by several hundred in the leitinga after Maja Herner in Ørsta.

Photo: Roar Power / NRK

No have veins of Herner started a fundraising campaign in the country. So far have gathered in ca. 70.000 million, reports the newspaper Tender-New. The money will among other things be used to send people from a Polish detektivbyrå to Norway. It has also been established as an action on Facebook.

– They do this free of charge, but we support the travel and stay with them, the data must the money, ” says Paulina Kmiecik, as one of the initiativtakarane to donating to the newspaper.

Confirm contact

Sunday, 25. november stated the police that they no longer have hope of finding Herner in life. It came to pass after that large forces had sought day and night for five days without finding any traces of the woman. Venane to 25-year-old has still not given up hope.

the Police have to seek with drone in a different area in Ørsta after the lacking woman.

Photo: Møre and Romsdal police district

– as long As she is not found, then there is hope. And it may be she has come down from the mountain, ” says Kmiecik to Re-New.

Møre and Romsdal police district can establish that representatives from a Polish agency, have taken contact with the local police in Norway.

– Tilbakemeldinga to these is that the Norwegian police must keep us to the formal channels for cooperation between different countries politimyndigheiter, type kommunikasjonsrådgivar Eli Anne Tvergrov in a press release Monday afternoon.

the Police are no longer hoping to find Maja in live Goes through the social media and photo

the Police has the last week gone through almost 3000 image taken in the area of Ørsta where one will think that it missed the woman went on the trip. In addition, the police and seek with drone in the same area. Several point has been investigated more closely, without that it has given result.

In the meantime, it held etterforskinga up too full and the police have now completed 120 vitneavhøyr.

Politiadvokat Inger Myklebust Ferstad says that etterforskinga continues for the full.

Photo: Øyvind Sandnes / NRK

– It is live taken a position on how to proceed in the further work in the mountains. It is also a fact that the snow can do leiteforholda forward demanding in the høgareliggande areas, ” says head of the etterforskinga, politiadvokat Inger Myklebust Ferstad.

There’s also an extensive work to collect information from telephone, social media, photo and other sources.

– Up to Maja is found must the police be open to all teoriar, even if nothing is haldepunkt that she is the subject of any criminal offense, ” says Myklebust Ferstad.

the Police go through the nearly 3,000 photos