Welcome to the jungle – grunt, snort, puff – now it’s also getting more aggressive between the alpha males who are courting Bachelorette Sharon. In the third episode, feelings ride a rollercoaster, it gets very emotional and shreds fly.

At the start of the show, the bachelorette pulls Sharon Battiste naked – she has certainly tied the viewers to the screen. But as in classic dating, it’s not what it sounds like at first. Sharon pulls off her wig and speaks emotionally about the condition she has long suffered from, patchy hair loss. The disease still dominates the hair on her head, but no longer her psyche. In the meantime, the bachelorette is dealing with it confidently and even sees the advantages of being able to change her hairstyle quickly. She says she’s waiting for the perfect moment to tell her “boys.”

The Bachelorette candidates are also waiting in the house for the perfect moment. In a single testosterone soup, they swim in the pool on colorful squeaky toys. A few have distanced themselves from pent-up masculinity and gossip about competitors in the kitchen like real gossips. But the two blasphemers are amazed when the victim of the attack enters the kitchen himself. Since they don’t know what the other heard, they are honest and admit that they just talked about them – after all.

Man to Man: We are not on Bro Island

The first group date of the episode takes place while driving the catamaran, where Sharon orders the strip search: “So please everyone undress!” – That’s right, you don’t buy a pig in a poke. A bit of sex talk with Umut, who reveals to us, while devoutly stroking the neck of the beer bottle, that he likes “forbidden things”. Sharon also agrees with this preference. After that there is a bit of stress between the alpha males at sea. After all, you are not on “Bro Island” here, but to clarify the woman. While Sharon picks Jan out for a one-on-one date in the evening, the catfight at the villa continues. The men accuse Umut of pushing himself too far into the foreground on the day trip. While the men see Umut’s over-presence as a problem, Sharon is already making out with Jan on the boat and gives him his rose in advance, which automatically promotes him to the fourth episode of the show.

Sharon Battiste between giant babies and a ball pool

Matching the whining in the “Boys” villa, there is a special kind of baby shower for a few men the next day. In a lucky bear picnic flair, the Bachelorette distributes shirts with children’s photos of the candidates. Here, too, it gets emotional again when the childhood of those present is talked about. Sharon reports on the difficult relationship with her father and bursts into tears – a group hug follows. Lukas is allowed to stay in the ball pool for a single date. Of course, purely by accident, Sharon grabs a ball in which a note is hidden with a question: “What did you keep from your childhood?” Lukas admits that she still has a Diddl notebook, she kept a pillow and she always sucked on the corners of it. Of course, a through ball for the gentleman to answer: “I would actually like to suck on it, I don’t have such a disgust problem.” This statement was refuted a few minutes later. The two feel a tingling sensation in the ball pool and then go on a ghost bug hunt.

During the big sorting out, i.e. the night of the roses, the diva-like airs and graces of the full-blooded guys continue. This time it’s Emanuell’s turn and opens up: “If you want to be accepted, make yourself rare”. As soon as Sharon joins the group, he jumps up and quickly walks away. His plan? She should kindly look after him and run after him. That is exactly what happens as a typical woman. In a subsequent conversation, however, she makes it clear to him that he is not the only man she has to take care of in this TV format. Nevertheless, he comes a little closer to his goal and is allowed to stay. Three men start the journey home: Maurice, Philipp and Yannick.