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There are alarming Figures, which have now been presented: in 2017, is said to have been killed companions in the cutting every two to three days of a woman by her current or past life.

Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey, introduces a new campaign of violence in the partnership.

Every day, a man wants to kill his partner

Every day, a man in Germany tried to kill his partner or Ex-partner. In 147 cases, succeeded in the last year, as Figures from the Federal criminal police office, the Minister for women’s Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) in Berlin on Tuesday presented.

Franziska Giffey: “home is a dangerous place”

thousands of cases of rapes, assaults, Stalking, and sexual assault. “For many women the home is a dangerous place,” said the SPD politician.

Nearly 140,000 cases of partner violence were displayed in 2017 (2016, there were approximately 109,000). Only one in five victims looking for help, said Giffey. In fact, hundreds of thousands were affected – more than 80 percent of women, but also several Thousand men.

Two-thirds of the Suspects are German

the evaluation of The BKA also shows that around two-thirds of the suspects, German citizens. “Domestic violence goes through all the groups,” said Giffey. In General, the risk is higher when alcohol, money worries and mental problems in the game. However, even in well-off families there were cases.

Stephanie Krüger, head physician at the Berlin centre for Mental women’s health, says the WDR, why this is so: “Many women tend to sweep problems under the carpet – especially if children are in the game. Others say I just need to do everything right, then it will stop.“

ignore and play down and do not seek help – a fatal mistake.

million for the more utility programs

So that more women can seek help, Giffey for an Expansion of support services in women’s homes. Currently could be taken care of in the 350 women’s shelters and 600 counselling centres per year 30,000 women.

“not enough,” said Giffey. In the year 2020, 35 million euros will flow into a programme of action against violence against women and the Länder and the local authorities in the Development of auxiliary structures.

Round-the-clock help phone is available in 17 languages anonymous advises. The anonymous help phone “violence against women” is free of charge, reach under 08000/116016.

The calls would not appear on phone bills, stressed help phone-Manager Petra Söchting.