Did you find the finns among them, who do not have my foot stepped into a cruise ship? the

Hard to believe, because cruise travel is so closely part of the Finnish travel history, that the cruise seemed the least once in his life every. the

over the Years, exoticism ship tourism has more or less disappeared, but a certain mental sleep of the culture of this tourism form still associated with. Eating, drinking and singing are part of the journey – today perhaps more than ever before. the

boat trips excesses may happen even more than before, although the Finnish tourism have been told to clean up the former. the
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– during the 1990s ships were less alcohol overuse, but also less long formula of pomp stuff, like the crab party or wedding, communications manager Marika Nöjd Tallink Silja told me. the

Reason to look for cruise cultural changes. the

Yet in the 1990s the ship was considered a ship, and the destination was a secondary thing. Ship travel was associated with glamour, which on this day no ships in the same way to see.

– Customers, for example, dressed in evening dress, communications manager Marika Nöjd tell. the
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a press conference was held perfume for cruise travel as we know it is from the 1970s. Before that, a cruise liner had been elitist amusement, but the 70s began to mass cruise of the golden age. the

the Same decade Silja and Viking Line started cruising, which do not necessarily use even countries. the