A woman who allegedly invited his nephew to cooperate with Israel, is among six people condemned to death.

A military court in the Gaza strip has convicted five men and a woman to death, because they are found guilty of having collaborated with Israel.

a Further eight defendants have been other punishments.

It informs the ministry of Interior in the palestinian enclave.

a total of 14 convicted were accused of having “kollaboreret” with Israel. It is something you look at with the utmost seriousness in the Gaza strip, where the militant Hamas movement sits heavy on the power.

– the Collaborators must understand that the occupying power (Israel, red.) will not be able to protect them, says a spokesman for the Interior ministry in Gaza, Iyad al-Bozum.

The doomed woman, who is known only under first name, Amal, was convicted in his absence. She should, according to the court of justice will have encouraged his nephew in the Gaza strip to work together with the Israel intelligence service.

the Sentencing comes three weeks after an alleged secret israeli cell was discovered in the Gaza strip.

Hamas says that israeli soldiers drove into the area in a civilian vehicle late Sunday and exchanged fire with members of the islamist group.

Eight were killed during the shooting.

Subsequently fired by Hamas hundreds of rockets at Israel, prompting Israel to respond with several air strikes, before the parties reached a ceasefire.

The verdicts were handed down Monday, however, has nothing to do with these riots.

Hamas and its allies among the militant groups in the Gaza strip since 2008 have fought in all three wars against Israel.