Smart mirrors are conquering the kitchen, bedroom and cloakroom. But what are the smart sights made of smoothly polished metal capable of and what do you have to look out for when buying a smart mirror? Four models for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and gyms.

It all started with smart phones. Then came the smart speakers. Smart doorbells followed, and now manufacturers subjectively label everything as smart that has a digital display and can connect to the home network. This even includes mirrors, those metal-coated and polished surfaces that most people glance at in the morning just to wish they hadn’t gotten out of bed after all. Luckily, smart mirrors are not (yet) smart enough to make a snippy comment in the direction of the supposed twin who is examining himself in them. In return, they boast functions that are familiar to most users of tablets or smart speakers.

And so some of the mirrors look more like an oversized tablet. Their range of services includes playing music and videos from Spotify, Netflix or YouTube, for example, or you can use them to make video calls to friends – thanks to a selfie camera. Some devices even include fitness offers that are intended to replace going to the gym – including advice from a personal trainer. In times of free YouTube workouts with Pamela Reif, it is worth knowing whether the extra charge for such a mirror is worth it

Smart mirror for the wardrobe

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Because a mirror is not just a mirror, but also a design element, there are various areas of application for which a smart representative of its kind is suitable. “Hey Google. What fashions are trending this fall?” A smart mirror like the multimedia cloakroom mirror MELI also answers these (and other) questions. This is made possible by the integrated voice control. Does that really help when choosing the right outfit? Oh well.

Because the Android 8 operating system does its job on the mirror, you install apps like Netlix, Spotify or the ARD media library on it. Ideal if you want to get the first info of the day during your morning routine or if you don’t want to miss a second of your favorite series. The installation succeeds either via voice control or alternatively via touch input on the display. Nice: With other suitable smart devices such as scales or cameras, you always have data about your body or your smart home in view in the mirror.

Digital mirror for the kitchen

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A smart mirror in the kitchen is the perfect companion for a wonderful evening of cooking. Sounds absurd at first, but the Kitchen Smart MONA 60 can be wonderfully integrated into the new kitchen, for example by using it as the door of a kitchen cabinet. Android 8 also works on it, which is why the kitchen mirror can be easily integrated into the home WiFi network. Again you download your desired apps from the Google Play Store and again this works via voice command or touch input. If you don’t want to think about what you want for lunch or dinner, just ask Google for delicious recipe ideas that can be prepared in less than ten minutes. Soccer fans, on the other hand, appreciate apps like DAZN and watch their favorite club in the Champions League or Bundesliga while they cook, all in full HD resolution. According to the manufacturer, the smart mirror is also protected against steam and splash water and is certified with the IP 65 protection standard.

Smart mirror in the bathroom

A smart mirror for the bathroom is the round version of the Mues-Tec Smart Mirror. Like the kitchen mirror, this one is also IP 65 certified and, according to the manufacturer, protected against steam and water splashes. Of course, Android is once again working in the mirror, allowing numerous apps from the Google Play Store to find a new home in the mirror. Beautiful: An LED light strip decorates a circle around the mirror. It functions as a smart accessory and light in the bathroom. Again you control the smart mirror by voice command or touch control. Alexa is also on board this time. If you have installed smart light bulbs in the bathroom, you can control them via the mirror if you wish. Otherwise, with this model, you can keep a close eye on your smart home from the bathroom – provided, of course, that you have smart cameras and doorbells

Smart mirror for athletes

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In the lockdown, most athletes rely on home workouts – what else was left? That’s why almost every fitness influencer motivates his or her followers with workout videos. The problem: The training units of professional athletes are only partially suitable for the fitness level of mere mortals. Vaha is trying to penetrate this niche with its smart mirror. The difference is made by personal trainers who create tailor-made training plans for their customers. In addition, the mirrors offer integrated training programs that the athletes can use for orientation. Those who prefer to exercise in a group can do so in digital live workouts. Der Spiegel also offers yoga courses and Pilates for the meditative fitness lifestyle à la bonne heure.

You have to consider this before you buy

As with all smart devices, one can argue about the sense and nonsense of a smart mirror. Of course, the idea of ​​the mirror listening or watching via its built-in microphones and webcams is uncomfortable. The same applies to smart displays or speakers. You should at least think twice about whether you really want to place these products in the bedroom or bathroom. It can be more pleasant, for example, to place a smart mirror near the cloakroom at the entrance in order to use it as the central control element of the smart home.

With smart mirrors, however, there is another problem that has less to do with data security than with the design. They’re just a lot bulkier than their analog cousins ​​because they’re essentially computers with a mirrored display. All the technology has to find its place somewhere and of course it does so within the frame, which you should keep in mind when placing the mirror.

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