At the beginning of Smith’s career, when he had the starring role in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ he got his first son, Trey Smith, who few may know.

Now open the Will Smith up and tells that he and his son had a strained relationship with each other for many years.

Will Smith got his son, who today is 26 years, with his first wife, Sheree Zampin. The couple was married in 1992 and divorced again three years after.

And, precisely, the divorce seems to be the focal point of why Will Smith and his oldest son went askew of each other and had a bad relationship in several years.

The 50-year-old star laid on Tuesday a picture up on his Instagram profile, where you can see him and his son Trey Smith, sit smiling on his haunches next to each other.

Here tells Will Smith candidly about their relationship and the emotions behind it.

‘It has not always been like this between Trey and me. We have been fighting for several years after my divorce with his mother. He felt betrayed and abandoned. It is a big blessing to restore a loving relationship with my beautiful son,’ writes Smith on his Instagram.

When you click on the picture, starting a movie of Will Smith in a bathrobe, saying that he has taken his son to Abu Dhabi, where the two hang out and get some father-son time.

He tells what his son had said to him:

“He said, ‘you know what, dad, it’s just gone up for me: You are not only my father, I am pretty sure you are my best friend’.”

Will Smith looking up at the ceiling with blank eyes, while he makes a deep exhalation and said:

“You’re probably right, you’re probably right.”

That the two have restored and built a strong bond now, is not to be mistaken.

Trey Smith has, in the course of the last three days put all five posters up on his Instagram along with his father.

He has also posted a barndomsbillede up, where he sits in the middle between his mother, his father’s new wife, Jada Smith, and their two children, his half siblings, Willow and Jaden Smith. He writes:

‘Change is not always easy. Specifically, when it is not on your own terms. But change is necessary in order that man may grow. Even if I didn’t know it at the time. I have always been surrounded by love.”