In October, shot an innocent 22-year-old student teacher to death just outside Stockholm. He of old were mistaken to be someone else. It is a tragedy and our thoughts go out to his family. Skjutvapenvåldet affects, of course, those closest to the grieving hardest, but also everyone in the local community when residents worry about their safety, not dare to go out, and when insecurity drives those who can to move. So, it should not be.

Research shows that Sweden has a high incidence of firings from an international perspective. In Stockholm, we are still at an exceptionally high and alarming level.

drug Trafficking is, according to the police a strong driving factor behind the skjutvåldet, a dark economy where children and young people now ruthlessly withdrawn. At the same time, it has in the criminal circles emerged a mentality where even the seemingly bagatellartade wrongs triggers revenge with fatal consequences.

teaching student Shayan Gaff, 22, was shot in the end of October to death in Segeltorp. The police suspect that the killer took the wrong person.

The kindest of all –why was murdered Shayan?

the Next government must give the fight against gangs, a top priority. The police must have the resources to work consistently and methodically to stop the criminal with a high våldskapital.

The green & blue majority of heightening the stakes

But a successful security work requires that several agents do the common thing, it shows, for example, New York’s example. At the municipal level, we must do what we can to increase security and prevent more drawn into crime. Therefore, we are also tightening in the new green & blue majority in Stockholm now, the efforts that the city makes for a stronger social services and a safer Stockholm.

We know that younger children in disadvantaged environments are at risk to be recruited into criminal organizations trafficking in drugs and vapenkurirer, so that the elderly in brottshierarkin can escape punishment. Children who are found with firearms should, therefore, always are in the care of social services and the family offered protection. When a child is held in custody to the social services to attend police questioning in order to be able to quickly make decisions about operations when the arrest is lifted.

the Alliance’s spokespersons: So can the next government to crack the gangs power

88 million to the young at risk

the School, social services, police, parents and the positive forces of civil society need to work with operational cooperation, both in preventing young people’s entry into the crime, as well as to save those who are at risk for being drawn into. The schools ‘ violence prevention work with the method the MVP needs to be built and young people who commit crime shall, within 48 hours, called on the allvarssamtal with social services and the police. We are now investing sek 88 million in the budget for the next year on creating a better, more stable conditions for the social services to help young people who are at risk – the social services should not need to prioritize between different young people and the efforts should not have to linger when they are needed.

Löfven, what would have happened if the victims in Rinkeby it was called Erik?

We perpetuate the social action teams, which caters to the youth and young adults who either are about to enter a life of crime or trying to leave one, and is based out of the city avhopparprogram.

Research shows that properly designed is avhopparprogram an effective tool for crack gangs. You leave his gang, it should be done in a safe manner and with a finished plan for a new life.

The open drogscenerna to remove the

Police pressure against the open drogscener found in the city need to be stronger. Research shows that a reduction in violence if the drug dealing is forced to move on.

With several municipal stewards and more surveillance cameras do we intend to do what we can to interfere with and move on to the droghandlare who dare to show themselves openly in Stockholm, sweden.

We want to have a Stockholm where people can feel safe in their city, and where fewer and fewer young people have their lives shattered by crime. The governmental efforts for a safer Sweden needs to be strengthened greatly, but we in the new green & blue majority in Stockholm also do our best to strengthen safety nets and improve local efforts. Work for a safer Stockholm starts now.

the Mayor of the city of Stockholm

Socialborgarråd in the city of Stockholm