In America is a commotion arose over the Italian dramareeks Baby , who recently on Netflix to watch. The six-part series is about two teenagers who are in the prostitution end up hitting and will get some criticism about him.

Baby is called a Netflix Original and is of far based on the Italian ‘Baby Squillo’-scandal 2014. Then it came to light that two girls of 14 and 15 from Rome itself prostitueerden to their luxury lifestyle to afford. Eight people, including the mother of one of the teenagers were eventually arrested.

Photo: Matthias Clamer/Netflix

In America The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), an organization that fights against any form of sexual exploitation, his displeasure expressed about how the series “sex trafficking promotes”. Earlier this year, the NCOSE all his objections sent in a letter that also by 55 victims of sex trafficking was signed. “But apparently are gains for Netflix is more important than the victims of abuse”, sounds strong.

Baby by Erik Barmack, Netflix is responsible for foreign Originals, are described as “ edgy ” and also, that repels the NCOSE against the chest. “There is absolutely nothing edgy of sexual exploitation of minors,” states the organization. “This series glorifies sexual abuse and trivialiseert the experience of countless underage women and men who were involved in sex trafficking have to endure.”

Watch the trailer of Baby:

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