How long of the Dax will rise? It’s coming soon to the next stock market crash? Should I buy at all share, or rather the fingers of it?

The questions are to be answered from the expert point of view to Invest in companies whose securities are traded on the stock market, is ALWAYS worth it. BUT only if you don’t have to sit the time in the neck. The clear rule: invest for the long term and not the quick profit to speculate.

► Three renowned stock experts exclusively for IMAGE readers concrete tips on which stocks you should put in now to have in a few years considerably more money on the account.

General strategy

Max Otte is a Professor for international Economics at the University of applied Sciences Worms and head of the he founded the Institute for asset development photo: Marcus Kaufhold

“In shares for the long-term investment, it is important to get already-established companies that benefit from mega trends. These companies often have competitive advantages and can prevail often against the Start-ups,“ says plant expert Prof. Max Otte.

specific tip: , It is important to find these mega trends and not just short-term fashions. The urgent expert advice: share of DIFFERENT sectors to the Depot and be PATIENT!

“Anyone can learn to win” is the motto of IMAGE-columnist and share expert Beate Sander. However, this does not work in the short term.

“After all, every shareholder has collected, without exception, gains an average of between five and 15 percent per year, if he has created at least 14 years of highly diversified investment in equities. I have tested it successfully. Whether you are a beginner, or to stock exchange, Fox, is for everyone: Wide – never looked back!“