the Rescue service is now starting the eftersläckningsarbetet of the svårhanterade the fire in a road on the island of Kungsholmen.

” We are thinking of scaling down on resources. There is still no forecast for eftersläckningen, but we will surely be there all day, ” continues Fredrik Liljegren, informationsbefäl Stockholm räddningscentral.

the Fire in the bussdepån at Nordenflychtsvägen in Hornsberg on the island of Kungsholmen, is likely to have been caused by a takarbete and the police have set up a notification if allmänfarlig negligence. Normally, the pit lane is the residence of the 136 vehicles, but most were out of the traffic at the beginning and no vehicle shall, according to the kollektivtrafiksentreprenören Keolis, having come to harm. The alarm came in at 10.33 on Monday morning.

during almost the whole course of the fire has been very strong. The nursery Brovaktaren and Sunbeam located in the area taken for this reason, a decision to keep the business closed on Tuesday.

–the Discomfort is a drag, for children as well as adults. It is a pure preventive measure, we take the certain for the uncertain. It is not right, someone to have business in the premises smells of smoke, ” says Paula Hammerskog, director of communications at Academedia, which operates the nursery.

Large parts of the bussdepåns edge of the raging in fighting the fire on Tuesday morning. Photo: DN

During the Monday, had the fire department had a large staff on-site for this operation, as most 60 brandbekämpare from the eight stations and on Tuesday were more than 20 people from the three stations left. Insatsledningen with observations from the helicopter received help to create the necessary overview – bussdepåbyggnaden has a surface area equivalent to two football pitches.

Bildspecial: Conflagration at the bus depot on the island of Kungsholmen

gradually more and more powerful, and smoke spread to large parts of Kungsholmen, among other things, down to the Fridhemsplan metro station a number of blocks away from the depot. No risk of inhalation of hazardous doses of smoke, however, shall not be deemed to exist.

Image 1 of 5 Emergency services fight the fire in the bussdepån on Tuesday morning. Photo: Lisa Mattisson Image 2 of 5 Photo: Nicklas Thegerström Image 3 of 5 Photo: Nicklas Thegerström Image 4 of 5 Photo: Lisa Mattisson Image 5 of 5 Bussdepån and the area around the rökfylldes during Monday morning. Photo: Lisa Mattisson Slideshow Image 1 of 5

on Tuesday, expect the SL that there may be some irregular traffic, and that some departures may be cancelled due to the fire, writes SL on its website where travelers is referred for more detailed information. It comes to the lines 1, 2, 4, 50, 54, 56, 61, 65, 67, 69 72.

” We have no planned cancellations, but because the buses set on another place, it has greatly complicated for drivers to get to their vehicles and then to their regular routes. There have already been some delays and it may, we also expect to continue, ” says the SL presskommunikatör Johan Nordenblank.

the barricade in the area surrounding the fire – rescue assessed at an early stage to allow it to have its course and focus on prevent the spread. Nordenflychtsvägen, which connects the district of Kristineberg with genomfartsstråket Lindhagensgatan, is held closed and 61:ans departures from there is moved to the Moa Martinssons square.

At 17.45 o’clock on Monday , police announced that the smoke disturbed the traffic on the Essingeleden and further east on the island of Kungsholmen. It was decided then that the speed limit on the trail would be reduced.