‘Strictly Come Dancing’ episode of UK’s ‘Let’s dance’ set to take place at Buckingham Palace


    It’s one of the popular shows on British television: ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. An episode of the dance show is set to take place at Buckingham Palace at the end of the year. Dancing on the royal floor. A highlight for many fans.

    Whenever “Strictly Come Dancing” is shown on British television, millions of viewers tune in. But one episode could now break all records: As the British newspaper “The Sun” found out, there should be an episode from Buckingham Palace this year. More precisely, the participants of the show should be allowed to dance in the royal ballroom, which is otherwise used primarily for state banquets.

    Buckingham Palace: “Strictly Come Dancing” soll hier stattfinden

    Prince Charles, 73, and Camilla, 74, are probably big fans of the dance show themselves, whose German offshoot can be seen under the name “Let’s dance”. The principle: For several weeks, couples, each consisting of a celebrity and a professional dancer, dance in a race. They want to impress the jury and the viewers at home in front of the television, who can then vote by telephone.

    The Royals have now negotiated with the BBC broadcaster that the quarter-finals or semi-finals will take place in the palace. A source told The Sun: “Charles and Camilla are the driving forces behind this idea and the BBC couldn’t believe what they were offered. ‘Strictly’ at Buckingham Palace is just a dream for television. It should be wonderful spectacle.” They have set the quarter-finals or semi-finals to avoid clashing with the final stages of the World Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled to run until December 18.

    Of course, the Queen agrees too. Some attribute this unusual offensive to the 70th anniversary of the throne, the “Platinum Jubilee”. The dance in the palace after the official celebrations at the beginning of June could be another highlight at the end of the year. The royals are also no doubt aware of the show’s popularity in the UK. Another source told the Sun: “Charles and Camilla are big fans of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ along with millions of others – and so is the Queen.” The ballroom also has a gallery where musicians have played at state banquets. This is also very suitable for the live music of the dance show. And: Charles and Camilla may even be seen with a dance routine.

    Which: “The Sun”