Chicken pasta, familiarly known as chicken pasta, there are many in the family everyday life the most common basic food. Familiar food is as many forms as there kokkiakin. Try for a change, however, easy recipe that makes pasta new. the

Replace the chicken strips chicken fileepihvejä, which you get by cutting equal in size, slightly ronskimpia slices. Try the pasta a big pattern on the pasta, which gives the food a fun structure. the

Just fairer-size pieces make the food more interesting, than if the ingredients were with each other as a great silppuna. Also remember to boil the pasta so that it is slightly purutuntuma left. the

Make the sauce by combining the pan with the sour cream, dijon mustard and lemon juice. Although sour cream is fattier than many everyday cooking ingredients used in the cream, it needed just a little bit. One bottle enough for the whole family pasta. Mehevyyden thanks even parmesan is not needed. the
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When the chicken you are boiling up for a while with sour cream sauce, you can combine the mixture with the drained the pasta. Then just fork out! the

See detailed instructions Soppa365.

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