Russian Sberbank, the Finnish savings bank, is an old and traditional mfi: tsar Nicholas I founded it in 1841. The current form of the stock of the company as it has been in existence since 1991 – at the time of the Soviet union, and the socialist planned economy changed to capitalism. the

Sberbank is not just any bank. Sberbank of the Russian federation and, thus, the Kremlin is very close, as the state bank of Russia owns the majority of shares. Sberbank of interest is the Russian state’s interests and vice versa: the commercial banking giant is considered similar to the state policy as an extension of the as Gazprom, Rosneftia or Rosatom. the

the Russian government requires that all its controlled companies accounted by the owners of at least half of the output in the form of dividends. Sberbank is, however, according to bloomberg, the companies have been struggling in recent years out of this obligation, citing the general economic uncertainty and the need to keep their balance sheets in order. Next year the state expects to receive in sberbank evening a couple-three billion euros in dividend income. It is a nice addition to the federation budget, which is burdened by oil prices.
Read more: Esko Aho earned his role as a Russian bank in more than 100 000 per year in sberbank this year’s third quarter net profit was 228 billion rubles, or just over three billion euros, more than analysts had predicted. Interest and fee income rose from the previous year by as much as 18%. Bloomberg estimates based on the figures that Sberbank is very well produced. the
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the Only significant threat Sberbankille is a sanctions war with the United states. Congress has a pending bill of significant new sanctions against Russia, which would hit directly on the Russian banking and financial system and hamper the foreign payment traffic. the

the Financial Times newspaper, according to the possible new sanctions are not expected to go through congress before next year march-April, as congress organised in the interim after the election until January.
Read more: HS: Esko Aho to reveal the entourage in russia potential new strict sanctions could notkauttaa sberbank’s market value down, and also weakens the value of the ruble. Since the senate sanctions the projects become public last spring, are depositors pulled about a billion worth of money out of Sberbank currency accounts. Deposit in the exhaust end of October. the

Sberbank is already the west’s sanctions target, as it is considered to have been involved in the annexation of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine in the war by funding the state’s hostile actions towards Ukraine. Sberbank have no banking to the west, surrounded by the Crimea, but it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Yalta located in a luxury hotel Mrija. The hotel had the Us treasury department’s sanctions list at the beginning of November, when there was held in Moscow, organized by the investment forum of the meeting.
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Go to comments Sberbank is a giant – Russia is 14 000 Sberbank branches and 77 000 bank atm. the

– Sberbank has about 140 million personal customers and two million corporate clients. The bank itself estimates that its client base includes 60% of the Russian population. the

– functions of sberbank have the 22 in the country. Employees have a total of 300 000. the

– Comparison: Nordic largest financial group nordea is the last quarter of this year 10 million person customers, 700 000 corporate customers and 30 to 400 employees. the

Sources: Sberbank, Nordea
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