After their summit meeting in Indonesia, the G20 finance ministers broke up without a final declaration on the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. Some positions “cannot be reconciled,” it said.

The meeting of the G20 finance ministers in Indonesia on Saturday ended without a joint final declaration. At their two-day meeting on the island of Bali, the representatives of the 20 leading industrialized and emerging countries could not agree whether a statement on the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine should be included, said Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati. However, all participants agreed that the global food crisis must be addressed.

“Countries have positions that cannot be reconciled”

“We all agreed that food supply insecurity requires attention, action and appropriate policies, and that is why we discussed how to address supply disruptions,” said the minister. Your country holds the presidency of the G20 this year and is therefore the host of all meetings. Protectionism must be eliminated so that food can move more easily from the producer to the recipient countries, said the minister.

Some countries have insisted that their views on the Ukraine war should be included in a final statement. “Countries have positions that cannot be reconciled,” Indrawati said.

In her opening speech on Friday, the minister warned of social instability and unrest in parts of the world due to rising prices. She had warned that the triple threat of war, rising commodity prices and higher global inflation could also have an impact on the debt situation in emerging and even industrialized countries.