It was a second edition of the exclusive Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is run by the staff on Sunday. Crying models, and the standing ovation.

But it was also a fashion show out of the ordinary for supermodel Adriana Lima, who walked her last turn on the catwalk as a so-called Victoria’s Secret Angel. It writes medium.

As the ending of her 20 year career, received the Adriana Lima standing applause, while a montage showed highlights from her modeling career. It was finally too much for the 37-year-old model, who could not hold back the tears.

Adriana Lima has for many years been a koryf√¶ among models and an inalienable part of the exclusive Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where models in lingerie and lingerie posing with postage ‘angel wings’.

It was not only Adriana Lima, but also her Danish colleague Josephine Writing, which had to squint a tear during the moving show.

Adriana Lima went on her first runway in 1999 and has since only missed one single show since she gave birth to her daughter, Valentina together with Lima’s other daughter was also present during Sunday’s fashion show.

To Nyhedsmediet A she explained that the time on the catwalk has been a ‘dream come true for her’.

“It’s my 18. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and over the years I have thought that I would be more relaxed and less nervous, but I’m still nervous. It is not going away.”