The police in a raid on three suspects of a woningoverval shots fired. A suspect was hit in his leg, reported Omroep Gelderland. Two of them are held, it comes to men of 24 and 25 years. The police is still searching for the third suspect.

The suspects had 04.00 am, a house in Zaltbommel robberies. They were out of money and threatened with firearms. It hit a 43-year-old resident slightly injured. His wife and their daughter of 15 remained unharmed.

A boy who was visiting, hid in the bathroom of the bungalow. There, he called his father.

When the alarmed police arrived, shot in the street on the suspects, but managed to escape. They fled across the highway in the direction of Den Bosch.

Along the highway

The police got the suspects in sight at the gas station The Air along the A2. They were there against the crash impact. A end past the gas station they left on the hard shoulder in their car and went to walk off. The police could one of them quickly keep.

In the hunt for the other two robbers were agents of the National Unit, an arresting squad and police dogs are deployed. A second suspect, who was hit by police bullets, was held after he was with The Air of a woman for a lift to Tilburg had asked. They refused and alerted the police. That struck the man in the car of the woman with two gunshot wounds.

Male occupant injured

At the petrol station and at the house in Zaltbommel is research done. The A2 was because of the research some time to close.

The 43-year-old male resident was injured in the robbery. He was probably a broken jaw. The woman and teenager in the house, remained unharmed, as well as the visitor. The motive behind the woningoverval is unknown.

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