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the Uk will get worse off financially after the country leaves the EUROPEAN union.


the British have to prepare for weaker growth and recession in the coming 15 years after the divorce is consummated, concludes a new report.

Estimates vary from different scenarios if the country runs out of Europaunionen with an agreement, or not. Considering also the possible associations and handelstraktater the united Kingdom may enter into, and the prospects of the particular case may involve.

A common feature, however, again in the analyses: The long-term consequences for the british economy is unilaterally negative, and can reduce the growth in Britain’s gross domestic product up to ten per cent (without an agreement). In the best case “only” 1,2 – 3.75 per cent, with the agreement.

same place by axis authorities in the Frp and venstrefløyen in the Ap/A and trade unions who believe that the time has come to scrutinize the EEA agreement, should follow the additional well in the british Brexit debate just in these days.

Numbers and fremskrivningene that now is presented is ingenlunde new. This is forecasting that analysebyråer and think tanks have pondered over ever since then-prime minister David Cameron in February 2016 advertised the ill-fated referendum on british accession to the EUROPEAN union.

What distinguishes the new reports from the preceding reviews, is that this is not ordered partsinnlegg for the one or other side. This is the final assessment of the Brexits consequences to the british national bank, the Bank of England, has the rain out.

The second assay is the report from the british ministry of finance. If anything, it is the State’s position. It is the official document from the government that has decided to take the Uk out of the EU.

Reports are reasonably built on forecasts and qualified guesses out from certain assumptions. The most hardline EU skeptics in the conservative regjeringspartiets right wing has ritually rejected fremskrivningene as “politically motivated”, but have so far not managed to come up with a single alternative calculation which substantiates a positive outcome.

So rather not fløypolitikerne on hesteskoens the edge here at home is able to demonstrate how the termination of the EEA agreement give Norway a better bargaining position towards the EU and, lastly, an even better arrangement.

A significant point that both the most enøyde Brexit-the champions and the antieuropeiske movement here at home have in common, is the fundamental misunderstanding about what the EUROPEAN union actually regulates. To isolate these agreements to only be about trade, is at best ignorance. There is a reason that the british have negotiated for utmeldelsesbetingelser in two years and needed nearly 600 pages to elaborate on the contractual wording.

Right enough, it is soon December, but the EEA opponents miss thoroughly if they believe that santa claus lives in Brussels.

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