In June, refueling should be cheaper, but also bus and train travel on public transport. Also, what is arguably the most famous program of the internet age is retiring. What will change for consumers in June – the overview.

Will there be long queues for petrol and empty pumps on June 1st? How fast and how much are fuel prices going down? Or do all buses and trains now use the 9-euro ticket? One thing is clear: the federal government’s relief package because of the high energy prices is one of the most important innovations in June. But there are also some changes that affect many consumers. The overview:

Tank discount from June 1st

From June 1st, the energy tax on motor fuels will be reduced. This should make petrol 35.2 cents cheaper at the pump and diesel 16.7 cents cheaper. At least in theory. In practice, it remains to be seen to what extent the oil companies will pass on the tax cut. The petrol station association also warns that fuel prices will not be cheaper everywhere from June 1st, as some operators still have “old” non-discounted fuel in their tanks. There could also be short-term bottlenecks if an unusually large number of drivers drive to refuel on Wednesday. The tank discount is valid until the end of August.

9-Euro-Ticket started

Also from June 1st, bus and train travel will be temporarily cheaper. For 9 euros you can use public transport throughout Germany for the whole month. The 9-euro ticket is also available for July and August. The ticket is valid on underground and suburban trains, buses and trams, RB and RE trains. It is not valid on long-distance trains such as IC and ICE, nor on long-distance buses. Owners of regular monthly or annual subscriptions should also benefit, with them the discounted ticket will be automatically charged. The transport companies warn that some connections could get very crowded.

One-off heating allowance

Because of the high energy prices, recipients of housing benefit and student loans will receive a one-time heating subsidy in June. A single person receives 270 euros (apprentices and students 230 euros), a two-person household 350 euros, for each additional family member there is 70 euros. More than two million people are expected to receive the grant.

Internet Explorer will be discontinued

Microsoft is finally retiring its browser dinosaur. Support for Internet Explorer officially ends on June 15th. If you don’t want to do without the familiarity of the once most used – and most cursed – browser of the Internet age, you can use the Internet Explorer mode in the successor program Edge.

Ukraine refugees receive Hartz IV

From June 1st, refugees from the Ukraine are entitled to Hartz IV thanks to a special regulation. So far they have only received benefits from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, now they can receive the better Hartz IV benefits for up to six months. The job centers at the respective place of residence are responsible and should also help with the search for work or further education.

Sick leave by phone ends

From June 1st, you can no longer get a doctor’s note on sick leave for up to seven days over the phone. This special corona regulation for mild illnesses of the upper respiratory tract ends on May 31st.

End of free corona tests?

According to the current coronavirus test regulation, the free citizen tests are only available until June 30th. It is currently unclear whether the possibility of the free quick test will be extended again. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach had recently spoken out in favor of this.

No more corona proof upon entry

The omicron wave is abating, and the rules are also being relaxed when entering Germany. From June 1st, you no longer have to prove that you have been vaccinated, recovered or tested against the coronavirus. Exceptions apply to entry from virus variant areas, of which there are currently none.

Summer train schedule

From June 12th, the summer timetable will apply to Deutsche Bahn and other transport companies. You can then travel directly from Berlin to Sylt – and Chemnitz will be reconnected to the long-distance train network after a break of more than 15 years. Otherwise the changes are limited.

Start of vacation NRW

The summer school holidays actually begin on June 27th, at least in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia (the last day of school is June 24th). The other federal states will gradually follow in July – Bavaria will even not start until August 1st.

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