The prices at Germany’s petrol stations have long since returned to normal. Now the reduction in fuel tax is imminent – but this should only gradually reach consumers.

Despite the lower fuel tax from Wednesday, refueling in Germany may only gradually become cheaper. The tax burden on the fuel sold at the gas stations is gradually falling, according to the Federal Ministry of Finance on Monday.

If fuels were already delivered to the gas station in May, they are still subject to the old and higher taxes. These fuels would be sold gradually, possibly even in June.

Because of the rise in energy prices, the federal government lowered the tax on fuel in June, July and August. The energy tax does not only apply when filling up, but in refineries and tank farms. However, the mineral oil companies are not obliged to pass on the tax reduction to their customers.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) wrote on Twitter on Monday: “We do not leave the people who depend on the car alone. The state should not benefit from the high fuel price.” The fact that the “tank discount” reaches people is now “the task of the Cartel Office and Co.”.

The Ministry of Finance said that petrol stations could only obtain fuel that was taxed at the reduced tax rate from June 1st. However, regardless of the energy tax burden, the pricing of fuel sold at the filling station is the responsibility of the operator. The tax cut should be passed on in full to end consumers. In addition, the Federal Cartel Office, with its market transparency office for fuels, could in future examine more closely how the mineral oil companies set their prices.