high-tech for the ears: In the weekly Podcast “Tech-Freaks” talk the PICTURE-technology reporter Sven Schirmer and Martin iron Lauer about Gadgets, Games and the Internet.

The topics of the week for on-the-go

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How do I get a good Wi-Fi?

Hardly a technical thing is to live in our private as important as a good Wi-Fi at home. Martin is in the question, after many painful hours with a Router, Repeater & co. are liable to become a professional. This Knowledge he shares this time with Sven and all the other Tech geeks. After that, there is no angle in the house stays more constant.

Dave Limp, Amazon photo: Amazon

Interview with the Boss by Alexa

Sven has made Dave Limp, Amazon for the whole of its own Hardware. But also for Alexa. In an interview with Sven, he tells of his favorite skills, how he uses Alexa to play his family, pranks, and how the future of the digital voice assistant looks like.