Correspondent in Moscow

Five days after the arrest by Russia of three vessels Ukrainian military in the strait of Kerch, an arm of iron began around the fate of the 24 sailors arrested by Moscow. A few hours after the transfer in the prison in moscow Lefortovo of the Ukrainian military personnel previously detained in the Crimea, Donald Trump has taken the pretext of the incident to cancel his G20 meeting with Vladimir Putin. The EU requires their release.

For its part, Moscow has said that these “men of robust health” were treated according to “standard procedures”. “Everyone has had the kacha breakfast (grain, ED.) and we promised to bring them books,” said Koguerchine Saguieva, a member of the committee of observation of prisons. “Slightly injured” by “shards” during the assault, according to the Russian authorities, the three prisoners were hospitalized in the capital.

“forced Confessions”

“This is a provocation intended to use the incident as a pretext to enact martial law in the Ukraine”

Vladimir Putin

The presence of the crews of two officers …