What makes a good Smartphone? This question is probably the answer any different. Many people are likely to value a good camera, other the battery life, the Design or the operating speed is most important. You added the different priorities. The Stiftung Warentest has now led to the recent Smartphone Test to a bizarre result.

21 the current Smartphones were there for each other. Among other top models such as the Galaxy Note 9 or the new iPhone models XS, XS, Max and XR. However, to get hold of, instead of, as in most other Compare the top court, ended up Apple’s top-end models significantly later than expected – and, in part, on the level of cheap devices.

TV-equipment in the Test: the test checks the giant-screen TVs: a Good 65-incher for 800 euros Fullscreen

The winner of the test: LG C8

The clear test winner goes to LG. This starts with the most Important: the image. The C8 65-inch is the only device in the Test, the Display will be evaluated as “very good”. Also, in sound, and the versatility of the OLED TV best notes can be used to dusting and achieved a “very good” (1,5) total comprehensive income. The drawback is the price. The C8 is not under 2100 Euro.

manufacturer iPhone XS on level with Galaxy J6

especially the iPhone XS mies cut off literally. In spite of its high price of at least 980 euros and it ended up only on the 10. Place – on a par with the Samsung Galaxy J6, there are currently available from 130 Euro. The Moto G6 Plus Motorola performs even better than the iPhone – even though it will cost with a price of 200 euros, only one-fifth.

The simple reason for this: The iPhone could not convince in the case of test, several devices received in the Test to break. “Adequate” as assessed by the Stiftung Warentest, the stability of the iPhones, and have depreciated the overall grade to a 2.5. Thus, it is significantly behind the cheaper iPhone XR, achieved in part, weaker technology, and according to the worse of the marks, nevertheless, an overall grade of 2.0 and the second place.

What are the stars there would have been without the devaluation, does not reveal Stiftung Warentest. For your orientation: The iPhone XS could produce in the categories “Internet and PC”, “handling” and “camera” for the best performance in the Test. Technically, the same iPhone XS Max is achieved with largely identical sub-scores, but slightly lower depreciation with a rating of 2.3 after all, the fourth place.



iPhone XR in the Test: 300 Euro cheaper – is it worth the colorful iPhone?

By Christoph Fröhlich Everyone has their own priorities

The Test shows a fundamental Problem: The result of such a test will change if one shifts the weighting of the categories. In the case of Stiftung Warentest is the call quality during phone calls is about as important as the cameras. Both contribute 15 percent of the overall grade. The image quality of the display, however, a point can points the especially the Premium devices, is only part of the note in the section “handling”. The computing power of the device in between the Galaxy J9 and the iPhone XS are worlds apart – a flows as well as in the present Test, such as the processing and higher quality materials.

with these test results to find out so, which Smartphone is the best for your needs, you would have to consider actually the results in Detail and according to the own preference weights. Those who prefer stability and phone calls as the most important Features of a smartphone, could share the assessment by the Stiftung Warentest. The Display and the camera are a but much more important, you can find more of these headings.

display damage or other Defect

don’t let it fall! So expensive a repair of the new iPhones

is a test were familiar with the Problem

The Stiftung Warentest is this Dilemma to be well aware of. “The entry-level model obviously can not keep up with the technology of the iPhone”; it says about the Galaxy J6. However, it receives due to the prioritization of the rubrics at the end of the same Note.

Interestingly, this result is also because the Galaxy Note 9 with the grade of 1.8 test winner and best rated Smartphone yet – was just able to convince in his case, test. In various other Tests from other websites, just this device away but came to be particularly fragile. Foundation goods test checks the stability by leaving the devices in a drum crash. The evaluation will also take into account whether the units are supplied with a case and, therefore, more enduring. Exactly, this is not the case of the iPhones. If you have the power equivalent to the Galaxy J6, you must then decide for yourself.

The full Test is available for a fee test.de.