The report of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility encrypts the third quarter growth at 0.6%, same as the Spanish average

The year on year growth stands at 2.7%, above the average and one tenth more than that of the Eustat, but it is not the community that more grows

The basque Government acknowledges that “the slowdown has already arrived to the Basque country” but try to avoid the fear-mongering

the Basque country confirms the slowdown of its economy and leaving the communities that they pull the growth of the whole of Spain.

The latest report published by the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) referred to the growth of GDP in the third quarter places the autonomous community outside of the firing head, and the maximum torque of the growth of the State as a whole.

In particular, according to this report, during the third quarter of the year the basque GNP grew by 0.6%, the same as the state average, compared to communities such as Madrid, Aragon, Valencia and Navarre, which grew above the average.

Since the Eustat confirmed last Tuesday by the slowdown of the basque economy, to put the growth of GDP up to September to 2.6% when up to June remained at 2.9%.

The report that has been referred to today of the AIReF puts this growth year-on-year, a tenth higher, at 2.7%. This growth itself is situated above the average year-on-year, to 2.5%. Even so, above the Basque country grow Aragón, Madrid and Galicia.

Despite the slowdown of the economy, the basque Government maintains its forecast that the Basque country will close by 2018 with a growth of 2.8% and not consider that there is a fall in the fear-mongering.

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