The Turkish Police will register a well on the consulate in saudi arabia where he was murdered KhashoggiErdogan says that the audio of the murder of Khashoggi are “terrible”Putin, the only ally of the Prince Salman in the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires

The crown prince arabia, Mohamed Bin Salman, submitted at least eleven messages the head of the team that tortured and murdered by saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi last 2 October, in the Consulate of saudi arabia in Istanbul according to a secret report of the CIA has agreed to “The Wall Street Journal.”

messages were sent more or less at the time that he was killed the journalist of “The Washington Post”, but there are other messages as previous one dating back to August of 2017 in which the prince claims that “we could attract Jashogi outside of Saudi Arabia and make some arrangements”. These messages fit with “a willful intention to prepare the abduction and murder of Jashogi”, according to the newspaper.

The report has also indicated that the CIA has “a certainty medium-high” that was Bin Salman, who “said person” to Khashoggi, and that the prince “probably ordered his death.” However, he acknowledged that “we do not have data to demonstrate that the crown prince arabia to give a order to kill” .

The recipient of these messages was Saud al Qahtani , included in the list of sanctioned by the united States for his involvement in the murder of the journalist.

The case Jashogi has put Bin Salman in the international focus for its alleged involvement in the murder of the journalist, that died at the hands of agents saudis in the interior of the consulate in Istanbul , where he went on the 2nd of October to manage the papers to get married.

This crime adds to the growing criticisms of the international community to Riad for his role in the war, yemeni. The United nations has been blamed in successive reports to Saudi Arabia to multiply civilian casualties, including children, with their air attacks.