the Euro jackpot on Friday, the 30. November 2018: Online to 22 million euros in play – so it works in The Euro jackpot it is true, both five regular Numbers between 1 and 50, as well as in addition, two “Euro numbers” between 1 and the tap 10 is correct. Who has given his tips so far and in the race for the Jackpot at the Start of want to go, you can still submit until Friday, 18:25 PM , for his tips.In contrast to the classic “6 from 49″Lotto, any compulsory dividend provided for in Euro jackpot, if the Jackpot has not been cracked for a period of time: The Jackpot cannot exceed a maximum amount of 90 million euros. This upper limit is defined by the legislature, to gambling addiction due to extremely high amounts to prevent. Should also be able to a existing Jackpot of 90 millions Euro, no winner will be determined, wanders from the operations of the player-generated Income instead of the second-highest income level (5 Correct in a big field and a real “Euro”), which is virtually a second Jackpot. The original Jackpot, however, remains unaffected, and therefore should also in the following week, 90 million euros – as long as, until it is cracked. This is the case, it is seven days later with a mini jackpot come and paint of 10 million euros from the front. play Now online cheap the million Jackpot play Online for the Euro jackpot: Important Details at a Glance In the Euro jackpot can be a jackpot to a maximum of 90 million euros. In contrast to the traditional Lotto, there is no forced distribution; instead, Surpluses Hiking in the second highest income class. The Minimum Jackpot is 10 million Euro. Photo: Fabian summer/dpa The drawing of the Euro jackpot takes place every Friday in Helsinki. Who wants online play, it can give up to Friday evening (at 18:25) online via Lotto24 his ticket. To win the Euro jackpot, you must pay the player 5 from 50 and 2 Euro numbers from 10 upwards. On the ticket there is a six-tip fields, of which arbitrarily many can fill. The Tip is 2 Euro per game field plus processing fee per ticket. In the Euro jackpot people from 18 European countries with a tap. The chance of winning is approximately 1:95 million. And not to forget: gambling can be addictive. Now cheap Euro jackpot online lottery: draw over many years have also been a presence on television For the very first Time the lottery numbers on 9. October 1955, publicly held, on TV, and the whole thing came about 10 years later than the ARD broadcast the draw live for the first time. Up to 29. June 2013 could see spectators on Wednesday in the ZDF and Saturdays in the First, as the winning numbers were drawn. The Euro jackpot it is only since 2012.In nearly 50 years of televised lottery draws, and about six years of the Euro jackpot, there were also various glitches. The lottery drum was smashed in July 2002, after the first three Numbers have been drawn and the process had to be continued with a replacement device.In may 2005, read the girl who presents Lotto Franziska Reichenbacher the additional number is wrong, because this had to be entered by a technical breakdown of the Director. Another curious lottery glitch there is to see in this Video: Eurojackpot & co.: The best Lotto Downloads Download: The best Lotto Apps Download review Lotto numbers generator 5.0.2 Chip-assessment pay Well With the Freeware Lotto generator, you can have your lucky numbers spit out. Download Hoffmanns Lotto-Experte 6 aus 49 v3.33 Chip-valuation Satisfying The Freeware “Hoffmanns Lotto-expert” promises to optimize your Lotto tips. To Download Euro jackpot Analyser Chip-valuation Satisfying The “Euro jackpot analyzer” knows all the ever drawn Numbers, comes with a Lotto numbers Generator, and analyzes your typing ranks. Download Hoffmanns Lotto-Experte for Euro jackpot 1.25 Chip rating Satisfactory Exciting statistics Tool for the European lottery: “Hoffmann Lotto-Experte for Euro jackpot”. To Download luck, bad luck, strange: Strange lottery destinies Incredible Lotto fates Play Video