you’re not supposed to, a genre film with refugees turn, perhaps even at their expense? “Jupiter’s Moon”, the new Film by the Hungarian Director Kornél Mundruczó excites the minds.

Well good genre cinema not promises but just escapist pleasure, it has rarely also a veritable Reality. And the curious Story of the “Jupiter’s Moon” in front of the Background of the so-called refugee crisis, the absurdities of shows this reality, – with a certain Trash-factor. In the centre a young refugee, developed on the Balkan route out of Nothing supernatural abilities. In fact, he hovers in Hungary, such as Iron Man through the skies, just in slow motion. A Syrian refugee as a super hero?

The turn: The Teenager Aryan (Zsombor Jéger) is with his father on the way to Europe. One Night, the two arrive in a tractor-Truck to the border between Serbia and Hungary. As you cross the boats in the border river with the hose, opening of Hungarian police officers, the fire on the migrants. Aryan loses his father in the eyes, he swims for his life.

Kinetic camera guide

in that Moment, the camera makes the nightmarish realism of the first few minutes and turns off for the Rest of the film on Immersion. You are immersed with the protagonist, resting effortlessly in a planned sequence through the undergrowth, swinging finally into the air. At the end of the brilliant opening sequence of the Aryan floats, hit by a bullet, like an angel in the direction of the sky, while on the soundtrack to a dramatic Crescendo.

Director Mundruczó, who was with the dogs-Thriller “Underdog” internationally known for evoking, already, after only a few minutes, a lot of Pathos. But at least the kinetic cinematography by Marcell Rév, is unlikely to escape anyone. Throughout the movie, flies, climbs, drives and revolves the camera with a craft of precision through the filmic space, as you get to see only rarely in the cinema. It’s all about: This world is out of joint.

Finally, Aryan crashes back down to the ground, and not to heal his Surprise, only the wounds in Nu. By its own power, he can take off suddenly and fly. Quickly the corrupt doctor doctor star of the abilities of the young learns and proposes him a Deal. He will help him in the search for his father, while Aryan in superstitious in Budapest with the flight number of money to collect. Star wants to repay his debt and with his wife, Vera, a troubled past behind.

multi-perspective chase

Meanwhile, the policeman László, played by György Cserhalmi, a veteran of the Hungarian film, the two on the track, because he thinks he is Aryan for a suspected terrorist. An actual Terrorist has stolen his identity and prepares for a stop at the Keleti railway station. Over long distances, Jupiter’s Moon”, which had last year in Cannes, Premiere will hunting”, therefore the multi-perspective tracking of the camera time in minutes at the push of sheet metal of a car stuck.

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Jan Schulz-Ojala

Between Neo-Noir, Action movies and social drama addiction Kornél Mundruczó always the religious core of the story. The refugee Aryan remains as a character in a strange empty place and becomes a kind of Saviour, because he loaded the guilt and self-seeking characters of the film to their humanity reminds. Where no-one can believe it is once – in miracles, want to be, the Film itself is a miracle: spiritual overwhelm the cinema.
In Berlin, in the square-cinema, and in the Passage