On the 29th of November of eight years ago, he was Mario Monicelli , master of the Italian cinema and great story-teller. So, at the age of 95, glossy, after battling prostate cancer at the terminal stage, took his own life. Mario Monicelli, the images of a lifetime Was one of the main exponents of Italian comedy, nominated six times for an Oscar. A university student, he founded the newspaper of the left Walking, dealing with film criticism. The first film I directed twenty years on: The boys of via Paal. Overall, it has direct 49. Goodbye to Mario Monicelli, the film and the poster FILMOGRAPHY

The doctor and the sorcerer (1957), with Vittorio De Sica, I soliti ignoti (1958), The great war (1959). Fellow (1963), with Marcello Mastroianni. The army Brancalone (1966), with Vittorio Gassman, and the following Brancaleone at the crusades (1970). And still the cult film my Friends (1975) and un borghese piccolo piccolo (1977) with Alberto Sordi, which will also spin The marchese del grillo (1981). And then Relatives the snakes (1992), Dear fottutissimi friends (1994), with Paolo Villaggio and The roses of the desert, who in 2006 ended her career.


In his plays stands out in the tuscan humor is the fruit of a childhood and adolescence lived in Viareggio (even if he was a roman), with a predilection for the characters as losers. We remember him with some of the shots of his films.