Sony follows the example of Nintendo and its cult-console PS1 revival. As a PlayStation Classic you is 3. December worldwide in the sale. The device will cost 99.99 euros plus shipping (pickup for free).Similar to the Mini-runs of NES and SNES Nintendo games are pre-installed. Specifically, the console comes with 20 Games. Including the classic Final “Fantasy VII”, “Jumping Flash” and “Tekken 3”, “Wild Arms” and “Ridge Racer Type 4”. Playstation Classic Mini now at MediaMarkt available How does the Playstation Classic? HP Classic: Only half the size as the Original (image: Sony Interactive Entertainment) In comparison to the PS1, the PlayStation Classic is almost half the size as the Original. Specifically, the Mini-variant should correspond to only 45 percent of the PS1 size. The external power cable costs extra. Specifically, Fans will need a USB AC Adapter with 5V (type A).Two wired controllers are included in the package. In the same way as the HDMI cable, the PlayStation Classic with the TV-connect the device.On the console itself, there is only a Power, Open and Reset Button. Thus, the console can be switched on, change the game and the console to factory settings to reset. Sony PlayStation Classic: these are the pre-installed Games Battle Arena toshinden cool Boarders 2Destruction Derby final Fantasy VIIGrand Theft auto intelligently QubeJumping Flash!Metal Gear SolidMr. Drill Oddworld: Abe”s Oddysee®Rayman resident Evil™ Director”s CutRevelations: persona ridge Racer Type 4Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo®Syphon filter Tekken 3Tom Clancy”s Rainbow SixTwisted metal wild Arms Playstation Classic Mini now at MediaMarkt available