The law firm series “Die Kanzlei” with Herbert Knaup and Sabine Postel returns. Details about the 13 new episodes are already available.

TV viewers can look forward to a new season of “Die Kanzlei”. The ARD lawyer series returns on August 23 with 13 new episodes (always on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. in the first), as the broadcaster announced on Thursday (July 7). The team of Hamburg lawyers Isa von Brede (Sabine Postel, 68) and Markus Gellert (Herbert Knaup, 66) is repositioning itself.

According to the announcement, assistant Yasmin (Sophie Dal, 40) is leaving the team to complete her law degree. That’s why Charlene Runge, known as Charlie (Mathilde Bundschuh, 27), who initially needed legal help, quickly becomes the new assistant in the law firm. In addition, law firm detective Gudrun (Katrin Pollitt, 55) is shorter in order to have more time for her foster child Tina (Cya Emma Blaack).

The lawyers also have their hands full in their private lives. Marion von Brede (Marie Anne Fliegel, 82) moves in with her daughter Isa and makes herself “useful” in the apartment and in the lawyer’s office. Meanwhile, Markus Gellert worries about his sick father, who asks him what is actually important in life.

Season five opens with Isa and Gellert defending a factory owner (Thomas Heinze, 58) who is being sued for damages over an accident at his factory. Isa also stands up for Charlie, who has a criminal record and was reported by the shift manager of a cleaning company for bodily harm. Isa’s greatest adversary, prosecutor Barbara Geldermann (Esther Schweins, 52), is suddenly very devoted to the law firm. Other episodes deal with “car racers, Internet fraud, a dead movie chicken, reimbursement for sexual enhancers, gender-equitable doctorates, murder, ethnic profiling or Syrian war crimes”.

These stars have guest appearances

The first announced numerous guest stars for the new episodes. Among others, Adina Vetter (42), Bettina Zimmermann (47), Sven Martinek (58), Wolfgang Stumph (76), Gustav Peter Wöhler (65) and Helmut Zierl (67) can be seen in roles.

From August 16, the first episode (and each subsequent one) can be seen in the ARD media library seven days before linear broadcast. “Die Kanzlei” was first broadcast in 2015 and is the sequel to the series “Der Dicke” after its main actor Dieter Pfaff (1947-2013) died. The fourth season of the legal series ended in November 2020.