Dagens Næringsliv writes that kulturministeren and partilederen among other things, came with the following message by telephone to the finanskomiteens leader Henrik Asheim (H):

– Listen to me now. Abid driver and undermines the entire budget process and the party.

This should have been said while the phone was on speaker, and Asheim and Raja put together with Helge André Njåstad (Frp) in order to prepare the negotiations with the Sector on the state budget.

After the NRK understand did not know Grande that Raja was in the call, where she, according to Nrk’s sources came with very ugly characteristics about the Liberal party’s own fiscal spokesperson. She thought she just talked with nils henrik Asheim from the Right.

In the call to the Left-the leader according to Nrk’s sources have expressed towards the Conservative man that he does not have to listen to or rely on Abid Raja, because he was only concerned to undermine the party and her as the party leader.

According to DN was Grande in Madrid, and started the conversation by saying that she was sitting in a café with “a glass”.

On this basis, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation directed a question to the kulturministeren about whether or not she was sober. Her secretary of state, Jan Christian Kolstø answer “yes” on this.

Here, there has been only one woman since 2013 to Support the Human Rights of Service

Before the first meeting in budsjettforhandlingene 10. november had the Frp-leader Siv Jensen said that the coalition parties (including Trine Skei grande’s Left) was agreed to reverse the cut in the support to Human Rights Service (HRS), while the Raja rejected in the Review that this voted.

According to DN called Asheim to Grande in 13-time to get clarified the Liberal vision, then the outbreak came.

Neither Asheim or Helge André Njåstad have wanted to comment on the case.

Abid Raja also confirms the opposite NRK that he is on sick leave. Just after the incident in Parliament he met with as a witness in the case against Mohyeldeen Mohammad, and Raja has said that sykmeldingen was not due to the trial.

Muhammad sentenced to two years and six months in jail for threats against Raja

This photo is taken in the statsrådssalen in Parliament 10. november. In the same room to Grande have verbally abused the Raja on the speaker via Henrik Asheims mobile.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix – Went for a cool hot

DN writes that the Raja had not contact with the Canal through the weekend, before he 12. november made contact with the deputy and stortingskollega Terje Breivik of the matter. Two days later, the two have met Grande, together with the secretary of state, Audun Rødningsby, to a oppvaskmøte.

Sources NRK has been in contact with the other bourgeois parties describes it as a “small splash” that a party leader and a minister come with as strong criticism of its own fiscal spokesperson in conversation with a politician from a different party.

– It was perhaps not Abid the best starting point or the experience of to have covered before going in and fight the Liberal cause in budsjettforhandlingene, ” says a source.

Skei Grande: – I said something really stupid

Trine Skei Grande says she is sorry for that Raja is out sick.

I am very sorry that he is out sick and that I said something really stupid in a heated situation. I’ve said I’m sorry. It happens when you work close together, one says things one does not ought to have done, ” says Skei Grande.

She says at the same time that she did not remember verbatim what she said on the phone to the Right representative Henrik Asheim in the negotiations.

I said that we have had a conflict about an issue which was difficult. I was stupid in letting it boil over, ” says Skei Grande.

the Liberal party leader says she knew that partikollega Raja was in the room when the phone call took place, but she doesn’t want to say if she knew that the phone to nils henrik Asheim was at the speaker so that the Raja heard what was said.

Such was the progress party suffered by the tax-free defeat: Bollestad launched the solution, even Hareide after the tax-free noise: – So shall we behave until we go in the government

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS: Here is Abid Raja on the way to negotiations with Kjell Britain Ropstad (KrF), Henrik Asheim (H) and Helge André Njåstad (Frp, not on the picture) Saturday, 10. november. The picture is taken during a couple of hours after Grande to have verbally abused the Raja in conversation with nils henrik Asheim, with Raja and Njåstad with the speaker.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix