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The most serious humanitarian crisis does not take place in Syria, not in Iraq, but in Yemen. At the beginning, this was a tribal conflict, internal. Although terrible, it was only of interest to two, three academics. Then it became, with the intervention of Saudi Arabia which took the party of a clan in Iran which has taken the other’s a regional conflict. According to the NGOS, 85.000 children would already be dead of starvation or disease since march 2015.

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Madeleine Meteyer, a journalist with the Figaro

The forgotten victims of the war in the Yemen

malnutrition is one of the plagues major war in Yemen that has already killed 85.000 children. Mohamed Al-Sayaghi/REUTERS

This is the poorest country of the arabian peninsula. As if that wasn’t enough, it is cut in two. The pro-government forces controlling the South and a good part of the Center, the rebels have mastered Sanaa, the capital, as well as the North and the bulk of the West. No camp rule. The children are used as soldiers, informants sometimes say anything, the chaos is total. …