For the season finale, the founders once again throw everything out: fragrances for the after-show party, skipping ropes with sensors – and a “magic wand” that is supposed to revolutionize horseback riding. The lions were not stingy until one of their eyes began to itch terribly.

As soon as the horse was outside again, Carsten Maschmeyer’s voice became nasal. He fought back tears. Had he been so impressed by the animal that had leisurely taken a few laps around the studio? Or was it the product with the not very easy-to-use name Stable Magic Wand that stole the upper lion’s composure? “I cannot be a credible representative of your invention,” he confessed. It was purely for medical reasons.

The presented products:

horse and rider

A lot of private things have been learned about the lions since 2014. So now this: Carsten Maschmeyer suffers from a horse allergy. And not too close, as the pitch by Stable Magic Wand proved. Ralf Dümmel also came out as a non-fan of horses. On a holiday in Denmark, he said, a horse ran away from under him. Nevertheless, the department store king was interested in the invention of a horse breeder, which weighed only 14 grams and was badly affected by the pandemic. “In the riding and angling sectors,” Dümmel reported, “people spend a lot of money.” The 55-year-old jumped in – and even wants to give equestrian sport another chance. “But the horse can only be so big that I can still get my feet on the ground.”

Digital deal of the week

“No!” Judith Williams shot out. And Ralf Dümmel could hardly believe it either: “Wow, what a twist!” Lampix, the ordering interface that is supposed to optimize restaurant visits, had actually already failed with the lions. “As a customer, I don’t go to a restaurant because there are such beautiful colorful lights on the table,” Williams criticized the digital bling-bling. Carsten Maschmeyer found the timing of the product launch unfortunate: “It reminds me of the tough lockdown period when you ordered from your smartphone.” But Dagmar Wöhrl, owner of 88 restaurants, made the three technoboys an offer. “I’m taking the risk,” she announced boldly. Their business idea: experience gastronomy with the help of artificial intelligence.

The most rolling idea

“What are your plans for the next few years?” – “Well, full throttle!” The two founders of Rollyz Berlin / Rollyzberg (Der stern tested the product. You can read the test report here) clearly enjoyed their product. The “hand truck for your pocket”, according to the company’s own marketing, put investors in a good mood – but are transport castors for domestic use really new? And can you protect something like that? One by one, the lions retired from the race. Only Ralf Dümmel remained. “You need a lot more than the required 125,000 euros,” he opened the business part – and unbuttoned the jokers 33 instead of the desired 15 percent. For this he wants to get the business rolling with 100 million handouts.

applause and out

A hard rocker who mixes his own perfume together – can that be something? The jury’s noses were split. The male part saw potential in Knights Fragrances, Judith Williams had strong doubts. The “fragrance for the rock ‘n’ roll after party” (founder Axel Rudi Pell) was already “very after”, she judged ungraciously, but that didn’t bother the Bochum professional musician. His perfume line is only a “side business” anyway – hence: “Keep On Rocking” (Maschmeyer).

The cancellation hit the Everjump duo harder. They would have reinvented the skipping rope if the two former classmates didn’t think too deeply. The lions did not consider the product to be suitable for the masses, and they also did not believe the entrepreneurs’ sales targets, which ran into the millions. Georg Kofler flirted with a deal—just the Kofler way: his offer was unacceptable to founders who cared about their startup.

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