the location of The event was in no way meant as an allusion. The new study of the Otto Brenner Foundation (OBS) via “AfD and the media. Experiences and Lessons for practice,“ on Monday, of all things, in the Schweizerhof in Berlin was presented, had nothing to do with the AfD group Chairman Alice ryegrass is just because of a possibly illegal party donation from Switzerland under pressure – even if it is supposed to have passed between the donation and the media have quite a connection. As reported by the funds from the donation, among other things, for a media lawyer and Facebook-Likes are to be issued.

The events of the Otto Brenner Foundation in the Schweizerhof have, however, already a longer Tradition. Also with the relationship between the media and the AfD, the Union has close to decor already for the umpteenth Time. His first OBS study on the topic of the Bielefeld researchers in media studies and former head of the Grimme was published-Institute Bernd Gäbler, in the summer of 2017 before the election. At the time, he noted, such as the AfD agitated while on the one hand, against the “media system”, but with deliberate provocations and Taboos of media attention, vying – with the media in one way or the other trap. The right-wing populists have now moved into the Bundestag, the relationship of the media and the AfD has since then changed noticeably, even if it is for Gäbler, according to the results of his new study no reason to sound the all-clear.

“Overall, it can be observed that the coverage of the AfD in the national media a little better,” said Gäbler at the presentation of the study. It’ll made less involuntary PR for the AfD, is also continuous and less Jumpy would be reported. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction to Statements made by AfD to respond to politicians to give it more reflection, so the conscious decision of what is newsworthy and how the topics are arranged.

things have improved since the first study, counts Gäbler, “a Wealth of good portraits, some good Live Interviews and important disclosures, among other things, to the questionable financial practices, and personnel cross-connections into the right-wing camp”. However, you should not only look at the journalistic lighthouses. Especially in the Local there were deficits.

Agency instead of analysis

In its investigation, has Gäbler because of the election campaigns in Hesse and Bavaria particularly thoroughly with the AfD’s coverage of the “upper Hessian of the press” and the “Nürnberger Nachrichten”. In the case of two Newspapers, the policy is centralized, reporting is strong, the sheath parts are delivered by editorial networks. In the result of an analytical debate with the AfD, their staff, and the program will take place at the local level. So the “oberhessische press handle” in your report on a AfD-country Congress of the party in the pour on the dpa, although the site of Marburg would be to reach quickly.

For Frank Everywhere, the Federal Chairman of the German journalists Association (DJV), this is also an expression of the precarious Situation in the journalism, the reporting is shown particularly in the Local. The Problem is not limited to the two studied blades, in the meantime, many editors were thinned out in terms of personnel. For a reasonable coverage of the AfD it but need time and decent working conditions. This should, however, be made only to the media houses deliberately, but also of the society, said the trade Union representatives with a view to the Vain-culture on the Internet. Everywhere also spoke against an over-valuation of journalistic generalists. The attitude that you have a sufficient idea can be easily taken advantage of.

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suspicion of illegal donation to the Bundestag requires education about AfD-donation

Maria Fiedler

In a similar vein argued also Gäbler, the calls of journalists Know more about the culture and history to be left to the populists, the sovereignty of interpretation. As an example, he cited the attempt by the AfD, the hambach Festival Association. At that time it did not exist there, but only flags in the colours Black-Red-Gold, but also a lot of French flags. And a Council Gäbler for journalism: he has to separate in dealing with the AfD factually and left the Important from the Unimportant. Not to jump over every stick means to leave border crossings, as is the case Gaulands “bird shit” – quote from” about the Nazi-time unchallenged.