last year, occurred one of the most viral phenomena ever: ”the distracted boyfriend”.

the Image is originally a överdramatiserad genrebild from bildbyrån . But on social media was injected, the overlooked köpebilden with new meaning and spread by the wind and tide without regard to its actual copyright.

the Picture depicts a man in a checkered shirt, with a silly facial expression turns after a woman in the red dress. The man holding hands with a woman who shocked the watching – she assumed to be his girlfriend.

the Boy got burns – of the popular shoes

was Called sexist

this Image has been used as a metaphor for the temptations that steal our attention from what we should really be focusing on. Almost the entire internet was delighted – but the image also created the debate and was called sexist.

Now the composition of the picture and the inherent dynamics appeared somewhere else completely.

It started with Trishna Pema, 16, from Cape town in south Africa, posed for a semesterbild in Venice where she’s eating a gelato with vanilla flavor.

It was her sister who held the camera.

later, When they looked through the images, they discovered something they knew all too well: bildkompositionen from ”The distracted boyfriend”.

the Composition was familiar. Photo: the Twitter. In search of the man in the picture

When the picture was taken, passed a couple in the background –a couple of that did exactly the same facial expression as on the scattered image.

” We immediately saw the similarity between the image and the memet, writing Trishna Pema to Buzzfeed.

She sent the picture in a group chats to their friends and Amahle Mnyamana then laid it on Twitter.

Her post has received hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes and become a private meme.

the Picture was a meta-meme. Photo: the Twitter.

Many are looking for the man in the picture.

” He really deserves appreciation for its ability to ‘photobomba’, type Amahle Mnyamana on Twittter.