It only estimates exist of how many people in Germany suffer from bad breath – probably every third to Fourth. The “German society for Dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery” (DGZMK) of about 25 percent.

in Most cases, bad breath originates in the mouth. Only rarely is the so-called Halitosis, or halitosis comes from the stomach. Not a few stakeholders have a long ordeal: they have, for example, the tonsils remove, or a gastroscopy. According to DKZMK there is “surprisingly little systematic research on the mouth smell”.

putrefactive bacteria can belong to the causes of

halitosis due to putrefaction processes. The normal oral flora consists of trillions of microbes, such as decay bacteria that live in the mouth or throat of food particles, dead cells and blood. They stick to the teeth, in between teeth, in gum pockets, and defective fillings. They also inhabit the back of the tongue and throat. The microorganisms of the oral flora do not eat but only, they also secrete, among other things, sulfur Compounds: The takes our nose as unpleasant is true and reports to the brain the smell of the mouth.

quality Check in Mind you can recognize a good dentist

To produce the types of bacteria, the sulphur gases, include, for example, Treponema denticola, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, Haemophilus and Fuso-bacteria.

inflammation can be the reason

Bad smelling breath can be caused, if you have enough brush and, therefore, a dental plaque forms on your teeth often But there are also other reasons:

caries,when the remains of the tooth roots in the jaw decay,Smoking,alcohol,when the oral mucosa is inflamed,and inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis),an inflammation of the tooth bed (periodontitis),when fungi reside in the oral cavity (oral thrush);diseases of the respiratory tract,runny nose,inflamed sinuses undentzündete pharyngeal tonsils, or tonsil stones.

a dry mouth can cause halitosis. Therefore, many people do not smell in the morning after Waking up well from the mouth.

Certain diseases, you can smell

odor in the oral cavity but can also come from other diseases of the body. About Helicobacter pylori, a bacterial species that is used for stomach and intestinal ulcers responsible. Specialists can recognize on the basis of the breathing air much more:

Stress,certain complications of Diabetes mellitus,renal failure,and an esophagus, in which food scraps to collect, and the fish-odor disease: can not be mined In a given molecule, so that breath, urine, sweat and other secretions smell like fish.

Bad breath is referred to by doctors as “Foetor ex ore”. In various diseases the Name can vary, depending on how the Patient from the mouth of a smell: a smell of fresh liver, according to liver disease Doctors speak of the “Foetor hepaticus”. “Foetor urämicus” means failure, the smell of urine in severe kidney.

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tip 1: quality over quantity

The majority of experts recommends to brush twice a day, morning and evening. At least once a day the teeth should be cleaned on all surfaces, including between the spaces.
“When quality comes before quantity, under certain circumstances, a single Brush,” explains the dental expert Nicole Arweiler. Because Plaque, so deposits of bacteria and proteins, forms after every time you Brush. To this covering disease – and caries-promoting effect, elapse, however, many hours. Harmful rather than beneficial: immediately after a meal brush. “Because the tooth enamel, especially after acidic foods is particularly vulnerable, should take place only after about 30 to 60 minutes with oral hygiene started. Otherwise, it could be scrubbed away allowing the etched enamel with a brush,” warns the Professor. To normalize the acidity in the mouth, advises you to rinse your mouth after eating, or sugar-free chewing gum. Who starts with orange juice and fruit in the day, you should brush before Breakfast.

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Sometimes, the mouth odor is only

Not everyone who says to smell from the mouth, it does well. Imaginary bad breath is quite common. People tend to interpret certain reactions of your opponent as a defense to your alleged bad breath.


professionals can distinguish in the case of halitosis, many olfactory nuances. It smells from the mouth to the earth or to the liver, a signs of a diseased liver.

A fruit-like breath – acetone odor, however, can mean that the body, instead of sugar to reduce processed fats – such as during prolonged periods of Starvation, or sugar sick (Diabetes mellitus) may be the case. Urine-like breath is triggered in the case of severe kidney disorders.

garlic, alcohol and tobacco cause the typical odor (for example, the infamous “Garlic breath”), as well as medicines which contain sulfur. All of these odors are significantly different from normal mouth odor.

diagnosis of mouth odor Stiftung Warentest, These three toothpastes should you not prefer to buy From Christoph Fröhlich

man is not used to the time of his exhalations, he takes it. Also the smell of the mouth.

Make a Test: you Breathe into their hands or licking their Hand and sniff it then. You will usually notice nothing Repulsive. Rather, if you keep your nose to the used dental floss or the Finger smell have deleted you earlier about the rear part of the tongue. However, this Test is not reliable, because something unpleasant smells.

certainty about whether or not you have bad breath, you can get from professionals, the best in a special consultation. Addresses of Doctors in your area, you can find on the net. Many University hospitals offer help.

Experienced Doctors are testing with your own nose

you Should consult about your problem to a doctor, is the. first, after diseases and operations, especially in the mouth and neck issues Then he will examine your breath.

Experienced Doctors have a nose, you don’t need any special equipment. You judge the smell of you when you Speak and when you Exhale through the nose or mouth. Others use tongue swabs and plaque samples for the smell test. However, this method is by nature very subjective.

There is also a measuring instrument that can provide information. The so-called bad breath is a measure of the sulfur gases in your breath. Das a straw, taking it deep in the mouth. A pump sucks the air out of her mouth. The device then within a few seconds, the sulphur content in your breath. The Test will measure whether you have mouth odour. He says nothing about why your breath is bad. As the individual sulfur compounds, he is no different.

treatment of bad breath

people with mouth odour to suck lozenges or peppermint candies. You can buy breath sprays and mouth in the shower. You chew ginger, parsley, or spices. Others swear by alternative remedies, such as oil pulling. In the short term, this helps: The musty smell is covered. The cause of the bad breath is not fixed. You want to know the reason for your Problem, you can ask specialists. Usually you will find that you can maintain your teeth sloppy.

The dentist or the Dental Hygienist can inform you in detail about how you can floss properly with a toothbrush, the tooth and the space between-brush or tongue scraper and tongue cleaner handle. And they will give you rates for a regular professional dental cleaning.

it is also Important to ensure a regular food intake – it stimulates the flow of saliva.

mouthwashes can kill in the long term damage

anti-bacterial mouthwash, such as a chlorhexidine solution, while bacteria and thus eliminate halitosis. But the mouth rinse also removes many micro-organisms belonging to the normal oral flora. They, therefore, speak with your dentist about mouthwash. Small children should not use mouthwash, often to spit it out not swallow it down. Many mouthwashes also contain alcohol, which can irritate the gums.

another bacterial inhibitor in mouthwashes is Triclosan. The substance may reduce mouth odor. You, however, is suspected to hinder the liver in its work. In tooth pastes, the concentration of Triclosan is therefore so low that it is considered to be safe. With antibiotics, you should not back the bacteria in your mouth to the body: Otherwise, the fungi spread unchecked and cause infections.

tips: Good oral hygiene

Against many types of bad breath, good oral hygiene helps. These include thorough teeth brushing, two times a day. Use floss also teeth, and between, space-brush. Let your teeth at least twice a year professional cleaning. Experts also recommend a tongue cleaning to remove bacteria and plaque.

pay Attention to a healthy diet and drink plenty to avoid dry mouth. This allows your saliva to flow: spit disinfected, and keeps the bacteria in check. You chew a gum, it stimulates the flow of saliva.

periodontal disease or broken teeth are one of the most common causes of mouth odor. You must therefore treat. Let your teeth regularly caries control.

the bad breath does not disappear in spite of good dental hygiene, it is important that other causes or underlying diseases. You have to ask your doctor.

expert advice

What can I do if the work colleague or the partner, smell of the mouth?

Let the professionals clean coffee, Cola, tobacco smoke: a professional dental cleaning

Any helps is that he suffers from halitosis. Colleagues, friends and relatives do not dare to say anything. With Silence and Concealment is, however, not help anyone: Because bad breath can be an expression of a severe General disease. And he urges Affected, sometimes in Isolation. Both sides should act quickly: the outsiders, by making aware of the issue, Affected by seek help first at the dentist.

Stress and Worry the smell of the mouth?

Surely there are connections. But it is hardly explored what is cause and what is effect. People who suffer from strong Halitosis, are partially isolated. There is, for example, in the case of an elderly lady decided because of your mouth odour to remain single. But this is an extreme case. In any case, but the Stress and bad breath are related. Under Stress, the composition of the saliva changes. Everyone knows the dry mouth in excitement. Two cases from my practice come to me: A gentleman, whose mouth odor disappeared after Retirement. And another, who had in the holiday, according to his wife, never breathing problems.

there Is a connection between halitosis and the female cycle?

For me, such a connection is logical, however, there is little data. The cycle influences the composition of saliva. On the day of ovulation in a previous study, two – to four-fold higher values in the morning breath of air could be measured.

The questions Prof. Rainer sailor answered, a former employee of the Institute of dentistry at the Charité hospital in Berlin

plant extracts from Magnolia may be able to eliminate the mouth odor. You kill those bacteria that make your breath bad – evidenced by the is, however, so far only in the laboratory. Test persons helped the Magnolia extracts.

Michael Greenberg and his Team tested the effects of Magnolia first, in a test tube. As the researchers in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports, killed the extracts of bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum – both types of microorganisms cause halitosis.

The Test of the man was, however, less promising: the pastilles with the germ-killing active ingredients reduced while the bacteria. But the effect didn’t last long: After half an hour, 40 per cent of the microbes found in the mouth, after an hour, there were already 65 percent.

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