Apple is the pioneer. For over two years, the new iPhones do not have headphone port and more – now, the manufacturer can even when the iPad Pro way. In the meantime, many competitors such as Huawei, OnePlus, Sony or Google are tightened.

After all, most of the Android manufacturers supply an Adapter to the Jack to a headphone with 3.5 mm-plug in the USB-C connector can plug. On the iPhone you have to buy the Adapter from Jack – to-Lightning separately-for ten francs.

With the Adapter remains a Problem. You can then hear the music, but not with a cable load. Solve the most of the models, by loading the wireless. Or a Bluetooth headset buys.

but There are good reasons why you still need two Jacks. Because you can’t download from anywhere, wirelessly, because many are good headphones with a cable, because you don’t want to load his earphones always in, or because the cable is not loose-In-the-Ear Headphones are very expensive, and high is always convincing.

With a Splitter, you can load and listen to music

The solution: You have to look for a Splitter. So an Adapter that turns a USB-C or Lightning – slot two Jacks. So you can listen at the same time loading and the music. The Problem is that Such fragments are difficult to find on the official channels is incredibly expensive. Apple sold only the model of the Belkin for almost 35 Swiss francs. USB-C variants are in Swiss trading.

in the China shop, where there are countless variants. VIEW ordered over a dozen models to to prices of less than two to something about five francs.

In the Test, one quickly realizes why it is the official dealer so few offers. Because, obviously, the Splitting of the channels is not entirely unproblematic. Not every Adapter is running as desired.

seven USB-C-splinters work four perfectly. A not downloads, a there and has a slight noise, a reduced Audio volume.

The cheap option costs 2.30 francs. This No-Name product is available in four colors. Chic is the Pzoz-plug with textile cable and red plugs for just five francs. The Ugreen and the Intervention cost about five francs, and have worked in the Test without a problem.

Unfortunately, all of the Adapter as desired

are not working The two ultra-compact Adapter, a Lightning-connector, simply two, would be great. You could dock at the same time the power connector, and a Lightning-headphones. Unfortunately, they are totally useless: The Load is not a Problem, but the music turns off after about one Minute.

The Problem was only with a third party Lightning-to-double-to-Lightning Adapter by turning the headphone plug. So you have to find the correct page, which is visually identical pages of a game of chance. And actually, you should be able to the plug-in is also not “wrong” plug.

five Lightning variants only worked a easily: The square white Adapter for 3.50 francs, in the can, the charging cable, and a set of headphones with a Jack plug.

so anyone Who buys the correct plug, convenient to a handy Adapter.