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The UNITED states and Nato gives Russia 60 days to remove the missiles


US secretary of state says that the Russian missiles threatening Europe. They must be gone, otherwise leaving the UNITED states treaty.

A total Nato behind the UNITED states, which has found that Russia failed to live up to a treaty on arms control (INF), which was concluded at the end of the 1980s.

Russia’s breach of the agreement is a very concrete threat to Europe, Nato has established, as præcisionsmissiler with very short notice and can hit european cities. The missiles can also carry nuclear weapons.

– We fully support the UNITED states finds that Russia is not living up to the obligations of the INF treaty, writes the countries in a statement.

the Statement follows a meeting between eu foreign ministers Tuesday in Brussels.

the Treaty of 1987 prohibits the UNITED states and Russia to set up mellemdistancemissiler in the country with a range from 500 to 5500 kilometers.

Russia still claim that the country has missiles that are in violation of the INF.

But Russia is lying, says US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. The mobile Russian missile system is “a threat to Europe”, he notes in a news conference.

According to the minister of foreign affairs, the UNITED states has in at least 30 cases taken up the issue with Russia. But each time the answer remained the same.

– the Russians have said that they had no idea what we talked about, ” says Pompeo.

When the UNITED states in 2017 presented very concrete evidence, the explanation, according to Pompeo changed in Moscow.

– First in 2017 admitted Russia, and they changed the dækhistorien from the missile that does not exist, to the missile, which is not in conflict with the treaty, he says.

the arms control Treaty has been a matter of paper, think of the Danish foreign minister, as Russia, according to the UNITED states long has acted in breach of the content.

– There are spent a long time trying to get the russians to first acknowledge and then subsequently to get it turned around and have tinkered with the systems down. It has the not the answer. Therefore, comes the clear message from Nato today, and the hills I of course completely up about it, says Anders Samuelsen (LA).

the UNITED states has given Russia 60 days to have tampered with the systems down. It is not happening, will the americans leave the treaty. It will come with a waiting period of six months.

In other words, Europe is already in the course of next year be in a situation where the US and Nato set up mellemdistancemissiler in Europe.

– We need to respond to what happens above. I have no conclusions on what the impact exactly will be, says Samuelsen.