over the past many, many years it was easier to get Kim Larsen to swap smoke with broccoli than to get him to pose for an interview with a newspaper or a magazine.

Therefore, it was also a scoop of dimensions, since the author Jens Andersen, who previously has written crown prince Frederik’s biography, got unfettered access to the nationalskjalden in order to get His life story translated to literature.

To Kim Larsen for many years were not on speaking with the daily newspapers and magazines, has a natural explanation, believes Jens Andersen.

He had shown some journalists ‘ confidentiality, but had subsequently discovered that confidentiality and the agreements had been let down on the press. I think he had experienced it so many times – not least in connection with his marriages and divorces – that he closed consistently by the private Larsen, says Jens Andersen of Ekstra Bladet.

– He had an almost exaggerated fear of the press, but it had the roots in some episodes, where he really felt let down.

Jens Andersen and Kim Larsen during a break from work to perpetuate His life story. Private

Danish celebrity – 30. nov. 2018 – at. 08:47 Kim Larsen died in the midst of his last great project

One of the episodes where Larsen was satisfied with the press, was in connection with writing in the wake of his unsuccessful attempt to break through in the UNITED states.

– something happens in connection with his failed US tour, where he is honest enough to admit that it had been an artistic failure, but that he humanly wouldn’t have been without it. That focused the press very much on the failure, and jantelovs mechanisms were really unleashed. It did, that he’s damned hard to not wonder more, “says Jens Andersen, who was not able to talk with Kim Larsen, Gasolin’-the time and the UNITED states-the fairy tale, when they had seized upon the project in strict chronological order and, therefore, reached only to the events surrounding the Gasolin’s formation, before Kim Larsen died.

– It was not something we talked about. But I am sure that he had had some experiences with the press, which well-known people often have, which made him both disappointed and annoyed, and had given him the feeling of being røvrendt, says Jens Andersen.

Kim Larsen’s desire to have control over his own narrative meant that he did not want other voices in his biography than his own.

He took ownership of it and required, among other things, that there should be other voices in the book than his own. He did not have others to comment on his person, ” says Jens Andersen and adds that although two of his most famous interview-persons – crown prince Frederik and Kim Larsen – is clearly very different, they have more in common than you might think.

– It has been a totally freaky transition from crown prince Frederik to Kim Larsen. Two of Denmark’s most exclusive and attractive men and stories to tell. Very different, but still with some unifying roots in something rock and something scroll. They were both storytellers, who had experienced a lot, they would like to get out there, ” says Jens Andersen.

Exactly why it was Jens, who won the battle for the coveted history, he does not know.

– I could well have asked him why he said yes just now, when he has always said no, but we talked not about, says Jens Andersen.

the Book of Kim Larsen, which, due to Kim Larsen’s sudden death was the necessary addition ‘My young years’, is published in a record print-run of 100,000 copies. Moppedrengen on 328 pages and can be purchased from the on Tuesday. It is going to cost 350 kr.

24. October 1985 wrote Kim Larsen history. For the first time presented the Extra Leaf is a man like today’s Page 9-girl, and ‘the girl’ was, indeed, Kim Larsen. Larsen cycled subsequent check on the editors to get his fee of 500 kr.