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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has been launched as each year your “observatory of prices of christmas” , which has as objective to see how much rise the prices of food products typical of christmas time. With the data obtained in the first control, the OCU has made the comparison with the prices a month before christmas last year. The conclusion is clear: in 2018, lunches and dinners, christmas will be more expensive in 2017.

The results of the study of OCU show that this year the holiday meals will come out a little bit or quite a bit more expensive, depending on the product that we use. All fish (except bass), seafood, fruit and vegetables rise in price over the past year. On the contrary, all the meats have registered declines, except the turkey, goes.

The eels (90%), and barnacles (99%) are what go up, followed by oysters (29%). The pularda is the lowest (11%), followed by the sea bass (2,7%) the only fish that low price. In general, the climbs tend to be much more intense. Most exceeded 10% (except the red cabbage, hake and turkey). The decreases, on the contrary, move in the vicinity of -1% to -3%.

Taking into account what has happened in other years, the OCU expects that these prices are lower than that obtained on the eve of the christmas celebrations. Therefore, advises consumers to advance purchases of food products or opt for the preparation of menus for alternative products which have a lower price.