Every week there will be new titles to the offerings of Netflix, added. This appeared last week on the streaming service.


In the fifth season of Prison Break turns out Michael is alive. After years, he is to see it from a cell in Yemen, in this fifth and possible final season last year, was premiered and as of this week, also on Netflix to see.

There are also new episodes of the popular animated series. In both the third season of F Is For Family as the sixteenth season of Family Guy, viewers can once again laugh at dysfunctional American families.

The very first Polish Netflix Original series 1983 running one important moment in the history of the world back. What if the Iron Curtain never fell? In this ‘alternative’ geschiedenisthriller discover a naive law student and a police officer is a conspiracy including Poland for many years was affected. Not immediately excited? Agnieszka Holland, who episodes of House of Cards and The Wire directed, is at the helm.

In the Italian Netflix Original series Baby, we follow the coming-of-age story of teenagers at a high school in Rome. They are rather rebellious, rebelled against the established order and the two tienermeiden even ended up in the prostitution of the underworld.

the reality show Death By Magic venture illusionist and magician Drummond Money-Coutts is on tricks and stunts involving colleagues from the field to the life. Not for tender souls.

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First trailer of the fifth season of Prison Break Movies

In the modern Disney classic The Princess And The Frog, based on the Grimm fairy tale The frog prince, coast heroine Tiana the cursed frog Naveen who claims that he’s a prince. He would change a person, but instead transforms Tiana is also a frog.

Jack Black is rocking basisschoolleraar in School of Rock. After Dewey out of his band is taken, and his house must leave, he is able surreptitiously to a job as a invaldocent to get. There, he forms a rock band with his students.

Both director Mel Gibson as lead actor Andrew Garfield received an Oscar nomination for the war drama Hacksaw Ridge, a true story about a medic during the Second world War, no weapons wants to use. He turns in having on the team, but has turned out to be a hero at the Battle of Okinawa, where the American army much labor lost.

For the actiekomedie Popoz farce starring Huub Smit, Sergio Hasselbaink their roles from the eponymous Comedy Central program back on. They play politievrienden Ivo and Randy, who act as the agents of Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop. With a made for Pierre Bokma as oppercrimineel Mercator.

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood play in ‘ Into The Forest the frightened sisters, Nell and Eva, who, after a massive power outage must fight for their lives in an apocalyptic world. Living in a house in an old, secluded forest, more than 40 kilometers from the nearest town.

And horrorfans can to their heart’s content, because Netflix set last week, two big titles online. Leatherface, the prequel to horror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974. We see the birth of kettingzaagkiller Leatherface, and finally find out how he is a ruthless serial killer changed. In Escape Room to land Tyler and his friends in a game of death; a deadly countdown timer, a few intense puzzles, twists and turns.

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Trailer Hacksaw Ridge