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Despite Pep Guardiolas relative youth in relation to the Maurizio Sarri, he felt master of the Tiki it can and the Italian student. We followed Sarri and in all cases, remember the time in Empoli can stubbornly maintain that the old banker taught his team to roll the ball on a string for a long time even he.

Despite the fact the both the coaches ‘ great sympathy for each other feels like the matches as a kind of final in what many call beautiful football.

In the end, however, must the attacks be fleshed out, as often as possible, and to win the even matches, it is also required a couple of aces up his sleeve and a portion of shrewdness.

Tonight I went to Pep Guardiola on the offensive, raised and raised the stake but was eventually called by Sarri, who won on the scam, and intelligence.

That football has the ability to evoke emotion is hardly a novelty.

Peps house of cards fell apart

goose bumps, anger, euphoria to such an extent sometimes that it feels physically, all of us who are not sitting on a kulturredaktion experienced. When Manchester City pressed down the opponents in the lap of Kepa in the Chelsea goal in the first half came somewhat rare, but oh so beautiful; shortness of breath!

Suktandes after the Norwegian oxygen saw how the Chelsea players stubbornly tried to play themselves out of the powerful, mosande the press of half the City’s law. At its height, they managed to come up to the midcourt, but usually not even close.

In that location waiting just on the big chances which will finally lead to a City goal.

The nostalgiske Chelsea supporter with a few years on the back of the neck was shouting enough themselves hoarse in the sofa watching tv after a långmacka. Oh, I’ll honestly say that even I as a neutral wondered why they kept on and get in that way and I did think that the fight Sarri goes against the Pep on to play the most beautiful football gone too far.

But there was so clear a point with matchplanen. To play with such a high pressure that Pep is doing so with a risk and when we least expected it came the sweeping, opening 40-meterscrossen from David Luis.

the Peps house of cards to the defense fell apart and in the wake of David Luis spelvändning could Ngolo Kante pop the ball up in the nättaket.

Patience was a hoax. David Luis ace.

All transitions in the Premier League before the season 2018/2019

the Result of a skilled q & a

After the first half, one could conclude that the City’s rapid återerövringar rarely led to a concrete scoring opportunity and that the most dangerous weapon was the seemingly perfect genkombination between the olympic bronze medalist in rhythmic gymnastics and the senegalese national team in football.

How Pep Guardiola could replace Leroy Sane early in the second half is a mystery. Now if he not wanted to save on his springy legs of course.

David Luis closed the match with the forehead and Chelsea took the thus the last chance before the julfotbollen to latch on to in titelstriden. It perhaps is a bit too optimistic to think of Sarris bunch of time but borträknade they are not.

the Victory was a result of a skillfully conducted q & a and re-painted the Sarri a piece of big fotbollskonst.