Next weekend is all about Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. The Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan who have arrived want to stay in the background.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan reportedly want to hold back on big appearances of their own on their first family visit since their retirement from the British royal family.

The couple wanted to “keep it simple” at the celebrations for Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee and are traveling from the United States without their closest collaborators, ITV reported on Tuesday, citing insider sources who are said to know the travel plans. The Telegraph also quoted a source as saying the Sussexes wanted to stick to protocol and “avoid other visits”.

Only “working members” come onto the balcony

Harry and Meghan are therefore on the guest list for the service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday and are expected at the concert at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. Also on Saturday, the couple could also meet the Queen privately and introduce her great-granddaughter Lilibet, who turns one on the day and marks her first visit to her father’s homeland. Harry had previously raised security concerns and entered a legal battle with the UK Home Office over police protection for his family. What a solution for his visit looks like now remained unclear.

A while ago, Buckingham Palace ruled out that Harry and Meghan – as well as the Queen’s second son Prince Andrew – could appear with the rest of the family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Only “working members” are welcome there, i.e. working members of the royal family.

In the conservative British media such as the “Telegraph” there had already been extensive speculation as to whether a “Sussex bomb” could land on the throne jubilee and overshadow it through selfish appearances by the couple, who now live in the USA. Since Meghan and Harry had a Netflix film team with them during their recent visit to the Invictus Games – a tournament for war-disabled soldiers – some feared that the two could also use the anniversary for their “Netflix circus”.