A quick look in the mirror in the morning is enough to see whether you are feeling refreshed for the day – or not. If your eyes are tired and swollen, there are several possible reasons. This article explains what can be behind it and how you can alleviate the symptoms.

Puffy eyes after a too short or a night of drinking are not uncommon. The same applies to a day full of tears, which shows on your face the next morning at the latest. And typical allergies such as hay fever can also cause the areas around the eyes to increase in volume due to fluid retention. It doesn’t look nice, nor does it feel good. Thanks to (domestic) medicine there are helpful tips and tricks to counteract the symptoms. You can find out here what these are and why there are even more causes that promote swollen eyes.

Puffy eyes: These are possible causes

In addition to the reasons already mentioned, there are a handful of other causes that can promote swollen eyes, for example:

Tips: Here’s how to relieve puffy eyes

Unfortunately you only have temporary swollen eyes, there are a few simple (home) remedies that can be used to relieve the symptoms, such as:

When is it better to see a doctor?

If your eyes are swollen for no visible reason and you have other symptoms such as burning, itching or pain, you should consult an ophthalmologist. Especially when it affects your vision, it is always better to seek professional advice.

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